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St. Helen's Church

At St. Helen’s we are so proud of our links to Sandal Castle school – old links that are continuing in new ways. 

Many years ago, access to schooling was very limited and only for the very rich.  The Church of England played a massive part in enabling education for all by starting Church schools up and down the country.

Here in Sandal, we’re no different.  Sandal Castle School is here because St. Helen’s Church played a vital role in the school’s beginnings. 

This relationship is still important almost 340 years later as Sandal Castle continues to be a Church of England school.

This means that our school is underpinned by a Christian ethos and faith influences the vision and values of the school.  However, it goes without saying that our aim is to support and enable flourishing all pupils from a wide variety of faith and social backgrounds.


The Vicar, Hannah Smith is one of our Foundation governors and others from the church community serve on our governing body. 

Hannah and other members of the church community are regularly in school, visiting, supporting and leading Collective Worship.

We have also been pleased to welcome students into St. Helen’s on a regular basis for special services such as Harvest, Christmas and Easter and we look to continue to develop this relationship. 

St Helen’s serves our community through The Spring Community Shop and Café; through CAP, Christians against Poverty, with its debt centre; and through our links with the Portobello Community Forum. 

All are welcome to join us for our regular services – our 11am service at St. Helen’s has regular groups for children and interactive worship where we use some of the songs that we also sing in Collective Worship.

Much more about the life of the church can be found on our web-site, or our Facebook page Sandal Magna Parish.

Our parish office at St. Helen’s is open mornings on Monday-Thursday so do pop in or speak to our parish admin team on 01924 259966 and our facebook group is available here: 

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