School closed on December 12th for General Election
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Term Dates

Below is an overview of our current Term Dates including Half Terms and INSET days:

For a more detailed Calendar of events for this academic year please see below;

TERM DATES 2019-20

TERM DATES 2019/20

School Calendar 2019-20

Follow the link below to view the agreed calendar to ensure parent/carers have the most up to date information to hand when booking future holidays.

2019/20 Wakefield School Calendar (Amended)

Autumn Term
Monday 2nd September 2019INSET DAY 1
Tuesday 3rd September 2019School Opens
Friday 25th October 2019Last day -school closes for Half Term
Monday 4th November 2019School Opens
Friday 20th December 2019Last day -school closes for Christmas
Spring Term
Monday 6th January 2020School Opens
Friday 14th February 2020Last day -school closes for Half Term
Monday 24th February 2020School Opens
Friday 3rd April 2020Last day -school closes for Easter
Summer Term
Monday 20th April 2020School Opens
Thursday 7th May 2020INSET DAY 2
Friday 8th May 2020May Day Bank Holiday
Friday 22nd May 2020Last day -school closes for Half Term
Monday 1st June 2020School Opens
Thursday 16th July 2020INSET DAY 3
Friday 17th July 2020INSET DAY 4
Monday 20th July 2020INSET DAY 5

The council approved school calendar for 2020/21 is available below. 5 INSET days to be confirmed.

Wakefield Approved School Calendar 2020/21