Sandal Castle VA Community Primary School

A Church of England school serving the Community since 1686

Headteacher: Mrs Nichola Russell
Telephone: 01924 303525
Address: Barnsley Road, Sandal, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF2 6AS

Diocese of Leeds

‘Together we grow: Together we give’. Ezekiel 47:2

We are a school community and we are a family. We learn together, we support each other, we give our time, our kindness, our love and our compassion to those around us in our school and wider community. We help each other to be ourselves and to be proud of it and to grow in to the unique individuals we are, and as a result, we grow into the respectful and accepting community we all value so much- we are there for each other on each step of our journey.

Safeguarding at Sandal Castle VA Primary School

Safeguarding at Sandal Castle VA Community Primary School is given top priority. All adults in our school have a responsibility for Safeguarding Children.

The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mr Andrew Carter (Deputy Headteacher for Safeguarding). Part of this role is to keep up to date with Serious Case Reviews Nationally to inform practice and cascade training to staff when necessary. The Designated Safeguarding Deputies are Mrs Kelly Wiles, Mrs Nichola Russell, Miss Brooke Russell and Mrs Rachel Wadsworth. These staff have all completed Level 3 Safeguarding Training or higher, led by Wakefield Safeguarding Children Partnership (WSCP). They complete further training at least every 2 years. Designated Safeguarding Lead Posters are displayed around school.

We have a strong commitment to promoting e-safety and safeguarding children from potentially harmful and inappropriate online material. The appointment of further deputy designated safeguarding lead practitioners has ensured that e-safety remains a priority in our school. Rachel Wadsworth and Katie Harkin are CEOP trained and take the role of DDSL for online-safety.

The named governors for safeguarding are: Ben Cowell, Andrew Carter and Nichola Russell.

All staff (teachers, teaching assistants, midday assistants, admin staff and premises staff) have completed Basic Awareness of Safeguarding Training, led by the WSCP. Those staff who were not able to attend this training or have joined the school since this date have completed similar training programmes.

All staff recruitment panels include at least one person who has completed appropriate 'Safer Recruitment in Education' training.

All staff in school are required to wear a Sandal Castle Community Primary School Identification Badge. Visitors must sign in at the school office, where they will be expected to wear a personalised visitor sticker and will be required to read a copy of the visitor code of conduct.

All staff, governors, students and volunteers undertake a DBS check and DBS details are kept in a Single Central Record in school.The Single Central Record is checked regularly by Governing Body members.

As a school, we work closely with Wakefield Safeguarding Children Partnership who is a partnership of all of the relevant statutory, voluntary and community agencies involved in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all children and young people in Wakefield.

The WSCP is the key statutory mechanism for agreeing how the relevant children’s organisations in Wakefield co-operate to safeguard and promote the well-being of children and young people and for ensuring the effectiveness of what they do. We are fortunate to announce that Mr Andrew Carter has previously been elected as the Primary Schools' representative on the WSCP and has worked closely with all key partners.

Education Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2021/2022

Operation Encompass

We are an Operation Encompass School.

Operation Encompass is a unique Police and Education early intervention safeguarding partnership which supports children and young people exposed to domestic abuse.

Operation Encompass is the reporting to schools before the start of the next school day when a child or young person has been involved or exposed to a domestic abuse incident the previous evening.

The information is given in strict confidence to a school’s Key Adult to enable support to be given dependent on the needs and wishes of the child.

Operation Encompass Poster

Operation Encompass Letter

Safeguarding and Child Protection Training 2021

All staff will complete the WSCP Online L1 Safeguarding accreditation led by Vicki Maybin (Safeguarding Adviser for Education). Andrew Carter, DSL will continue to lead our regular half termly safeguarding updates including serious case reviews and provide regular input in our weekly staff briefing communication.

Additional CPD lead by WSCP will be accessed by key staff in the following areas;

Domestic Abuse Act 2021

Domestic Abuse, Stalking, Harassment and Honour Based Violence

The power of Coercive Control

As a member of the National College, additional CPD will be accessed by all staff in the areas of:

Certificate in Understanding Child Criminal and Sexual Exploitation

Annual Certificate in Understanding Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence

Advanced Certificate in the Role of the Mental Health Lead

Advanced Certificate in the Role of the Senior RSHE/PSHE Lead

Safeguarding and Child Protection Training 7.9.2020

All staff completed the WSCP Online L1 Safeguarding accreditation prior to commencing school on the 7th September. In addition, DSL Andrew Carter will continue to lead our regular half termly safeguarding updates and provide regular input in our weekly staff briefing communication.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Training 2.9.19

In addition to leading our regular half termly updates and the safeguarding training for the All Saints Partnership network of schools, DSL Andrew Carter will also be leading our annual Inset day training for all school staff and 40 sports practitioners and coaches from Elite Kids Coaching.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Training - 5.9.18

Our DSL, Andrew Carter lead safeguarding and child protection training today for Elite Kids Coaching. 40 Sports practitioners and coaches took part in the full day training. Here is a selection of comments from the feedback ...

' There is no secret as to why this school (in my opinion) is one of the most outstanding - excellent staff. Thank you'

' Really useful and informative. Inspired me even more to try and make a difference'

' Allowed me to understand the process more'

' Fantastic, informative session. Andrew was clear and concise. His passion for these children/young adults shone through.Thank you'

' Aewsome! Passionate and educating! Really opened my eyes and how we can make an even bigger impact'

' A valuable day of learning that I will remember and use forever in my life and career'

Working Together to Safeguard Children - 5.7.18

We are aware that the new Working Together to Safeguard Children, the statutory framework for multi agency safeguarding legislation was published yesterday - 5.7.18. We are aware that there are no actionable changes for school leaders to make, however it emphasises that we should be up to date with the new version of Keeping Children Safe in Education, which comes into force on the 3rd September 2018.

Internet Filtering

At Sandal Castle Primary we use RM Safetynet to keep everyone safe online. We use a feature called User Based Filtering which gives us greater flexibility over our internet filtering by allowing us to ensure that everyone is receiving the appropriate level of internet filtering.

Not only can websites be blocked for certain age groups but also at specific times.

RM Safetynet is a cloud based filtering solution and therefore does not rely on any expensive on site equipment.

SSL interception allows search terms made on secure websites such as GOOGLE to be intercepted and logged, therefore preventing inappropriate search results form being displayed.

Active adapt content filter instantly scans the content on every page of the website. Risk calculations are made based on this content and a permit or deny decision is made.

Logs can be viewed in Safetynet showing the amount of bandwidth currently being used. These logs also allow us to monitor which websites are visited by everyone in school.

Disqualification by Association

The DfE have made an additional requirement for staff and volunteers in school with regard barring and association.

Update - As of the 31st August 2018, this will no longer apply to schools.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

COVID-19 Safeguarding Policy annex

We believe that it is important to make children and young people aware of behaviour towards them that is not acceptable, and our underpinning curriculum based upon our equality duty objectives are woven throughout, alongside our PSHCE, RE and P4C curriculum supporting children in recognising when their personal safety is being compromised. The school also signposts access to support for pupils, by displaying Childline, NSPCC and CEOP posters and contact telephone numbers and making children and families aware of age appropriate resources ie Pantosaurus.


The NSPCC Underwear Rule


We are fortunate to be working with GW Theatre Company again this year. They will visit on the 24th May to work with year 6 children and staff.

Mister Shapeshifter is a theatre production aimed at Years 6/5: an exciting, very contemporary fairy tale for 9-11 year olds about the ways some adults abuse the trust children put in them and how kids can protect themselves. But it is much more than just a theatre production.

Themes covered in the play: Friendship. Bullying. Safe and unsafe relationships. Trust. Online and smartphone safety and emotional resilience. Critical thinking. That abusers come in all shapes and sizes, forms and roles. They can be in the home, at school, strangers, in agencies supposed to protect children children and that children need to persist in getting help, and to observe the behaviour of adults and not their official position. Children need to trust their own feelings: if it feels wrong, there’s a very good chance that it is. Take charge of your own story, don’t let others make you the unwilling subject of theirs. Help each other

The purpose of Mister Shapeshifter is to entertain, inform, and safeguard children against risk and danger in real life and online and to provide a catalyst for further work by teachers and other adults with the children who see it. It is not meant to stand alone. Preparation before the play and follow up work after is essential. The play can also be used to raise awareness with parents, carers, families and in the wider community.

Mister Shapeshifteris a super villain. He can change his appearance at will. He has one aim in life: to lure children into his ‘Super Story World Studio Workshop’ and steal the childhood out of them so he can live forever. When he lures eleven year old Jess there, only Jack can save her. But Jack is one of Mister Shapeshifter’s previous victims, and as a result is bullied, lonely and angry. To save Jess, Jack has first to save himself and then bring The Shapeshifter to justice, with the help of Jess, the audience, his teacher and the police.

We are committed to multi-agency working, in order to ensure the best possible outcomes for all of the pupils at Sandal Castle VA Community Primary School.

Safer Recruitment Policy

Wakefield District Safeguarding Children Board

Wakefield Local offer

Child Friendly Child Protection Policy

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