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Pupil Premium 2019-20

Here you will find our most up to date Pupil Premium Strategy for 2019/20.

New DfE Template Pupil Premium Strategy 2019/20

Pupil Premium Strategy 2019/20

Achievement for All

The Achievement for All Schools Programme

Our Schools Programme provides an improvement framework, that is tailored and led through a strong partnership between the achievement coach and a nominated school leader, known as the school champion. The framework is structured around four inter-dependent and inter-related elements:

  • Leadership
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Wider Outcomes and Opportunities
  • Parent and Carer engagement

As of the 15th July 2019, we are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Achievement for All Award. Feedback highlights the following strengths:

  • I was very impressed by the thoughtful way you and the team work with families, young people, staff and governors. They have all made important contributions to the success of your school and your achievement of the Quality Mark. You have worked exceptionally well with your skilled coach Sue, and have utilised the highly effective coaching to develop very positive experiences for your pupils and families. Sandal Castle, clearly promotes a very strong, meaningful and integrated partnership approach to all its work.
  • It was a privilege to be able to meet you and your staff and the accompanied tour of your school, showed first- hand how you have embedded the sustainable practice. We saw for ourselves how you have developed the target groups ability to be involved in structured conversations and communicate so effectively with families, raising expectations around the learning process and the impact this has had on their learning.
  • The evidence you presented of the impact on the target group was clear and measurable, also everyone we spoke to was, overwhelmingly positive about the structured conversations, helping not only the targeted children, but the whole school approach.
  • As we worked our way through the aspects of the award, it was clear that the school champion, and senior staff have worked closely to move forward on key priorities, and are seeing the benefits of all your hard work, as you share your expertise with other leaders.
  • It was wonderful to speak to the children about their experience at your school, and how you maintain and value the wider learning opportunities. They were an absolute credit to your school, speaking confidently and enthusiasm about their time at Sandal Castle.

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