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Welcome to our Pupil Premium Page.

Here you will find information and policies that support our provision for our Pupil Premium children.Our Pupil Premium Review took place in February 2018.

The pupil premium is additional funding for publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils of all abilities and to close the gaps between them and their peers.

Our Pupil Premium Strategy will demonstrates the following:

  • Our school’s pupil premium grant allocation amount
  • a summary of the main barriers to educational achievement faced by eligible pupils at the school
  • how we’ll spend the pupil premium to address those barriers and the reasons for that approach
  • how we’ll measure the impact of the pupil premium
  • the date of the next review of our school’s pupil premium strategy

Take a look at our current Pupil Premium page for our Pupil Premium Strategy for 19/20

The Achievement for All Schools Programme

Our Schools Programme provides an improvement framework, that is tailored and led through a strong partnership between the achievement coach and a nominated school leader, known as the school champion. The framework is structured around four inter-dependent and inter-related elements:

  • Leadership
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Wider Outcomes and Opportunities
  • Parent and Carer engagement

As of the 15th July 2019, we are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Achievement for All Award.

Evaluated Pupil Premium Strategy 2018-19

Headlines 2019

Disadvantaged Outcomes 2019

FFT KS1 Early Results Service July 2019

FFT KS2 Early Results Service

Education Endowment Foundation Toolkit

Early Years Education Endowment Foundation Toolkit

Maximising Pupil Premium Spending

Pupil Premium Strategy 18/19 (with evaluation and outcomes 17/18)

External Pupil Premium Review 1.2.18

Our External Pupil Premium Review took place on the 1st February 2018. The following extracts are taken from our report;

'The review process involved observations, book scrutiny and discussions with a range of leaders. This evidenced that school has worked hard to ensure that it has rigorous tracking, uses data to inform its work and has created a culture in which all staff are expected to work in a clear, consistent manner that is linked to sustaining and building on the school’s recent improvements.'

'The review process confirmed that the school is very reflective about the impact of its work and uses its tracking and monitoring to inform its future decisions'

. 'Leaders presented clear and concise tracking data on all aspects of disadvantaged pupils’ education that were asked for over the review process. The school clearly has well-organised and clear tracking and monitoring systems and uses pupil outcomes to inform its decision making.'

'English and Maths leaders spoke with confidence and knowledge about the teaching and learning in their subjects, gave clear rationale for innovations and were clear about the impact of their work.'

'The book scrutiny exercise showed consistently strong practice in Years 1 to 6 in adults’ marking and in ensuring the pupils understand and respond appropriately to make additional learning. This is very important as, according to the Education Endowment Foundation’s Teaching Toolkit, feedback can potentially add as much as 8 months of additional learning in a year per child if it is done well and responded to by pupils.'

'School’s Attendance Officer tracks the in-year attendance and PA of all pupils, including disadvantaged, and presented as very organised, knowledgeable and open during the review. He has clear systems for communicating with parents and thorough and up to date tracking records. He is clearly dedicated and committed as well as having a determination to succeed.'

'School works very hard with its families and leaders are clearly committed to developing strong partnerships which involve working together. The Assistant Head and Attendance Officer both make themselves available to speak to parents and carers daily and commented on how families continue to seek support and advice even when pupils have left the school. This suggests that school is very successful in building trust with families.'

‘Families Enjoying Everything Together’ (FEET) was taking place during the review and the staff were clearly actively promoting the value of reading as well as modelling singing nursery rhymes with adults and children. All the adults in the session were joining in and the hall was well-resourced and organised to support this class.'

'The school presented very clear data demonstrating that high percentages of its disadvantaged pupils access the wide and exciting range of wider curriculum experiences it offers including its lunchtime clubs, after-school clubs and residential visits.'