3.6.2020 CONFIRMATION OF DELAY TO SCHOOL RE OPENING We will continue to determine our pace of phased school re opening based upon evidence from scientists, medical professionals and statistical data including SAGE. To date, the reports and broadcasts of Professor Peter Hornby (Professor of Emerging Infectious Diseases and Global Health at the University of Oxford and Chair of the UK government's New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group), John Edmunds (LSHTM) and Jeremy Farrar (Biomedical research) conclude that relaxation is too soon due to test, trace, isolate not being fully operational, the R rate still being very high, 8000 current infections a day and there is little to confirm the role of children and schools in transmission, levels of cases in the UK are still high (324 deaths on 28.5.2020), contact tracing is not up and running tracking new cases and following them up within 48 hours which potentially, should a wider reopening take place too soon could lead to a further lock down. Therefore, we will continue to take a safe, measured approach to opening our doors wider based upon all of the above which we believe is our best chance in ensuring the safety, health and well- being of children, families, staff, families and community. School will therefore NOT open to wider year groups before the 15th June. Thank you as always for your support Nichola Russell Headteacher
Mrs Nichola Russell
Headteacher NPQH Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr Andrew Carter
Deputy Headteacher Safeguarding Inclusion Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Fran Waddington
Deputy Headteacher Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Year 6 Teacher NPQML NPQSL
Mrs Karen Tierney
School Business Manager
Kelly Wiles
Early Years Leader Early Years SENCO
Mrs Kelly Wiles
Mrs Jodie Woodcock
Foundation Stage Teacher
Mrs Carolyn Woods
Foundation Stage Teacher NPQML
Mrs Enas Shadlock
Year 3 Teacher
Miss Naomi Grannon
Year 2 Teacher NPQML
Mrs Keeley Moses
Year 1 Teacher NPQML
Mrs Grace Carter
Year 2 Teacher KS1 Phase Leader LA Moderator NPQML
Mrs Julie Sinclair
KS1 Intervention Teacher
Mrs Rachel Wolff
Year 2 Teacher NPQML LA Moderator
Miss Katie Harkin
Year 3 Teacher SENCO KS1 and KS2
Miss Lauren Gouldsbrough
Year 4 Teacher
Miss Emma Ramsden
Year 4 Teacher
Mrs Vanessa Greaves
Year 4 Teacher
Miss Sandy Harkin
Year 6 Teacher NPQML Lead Practitioner - Foundation Subjects
Mrs Lucy Egley
Year 3 Teacher NPQML
Mrs Jane Smith
Year 5 Teacher NPQML
Mrs Fran Waddington
Year 6 Teacher NPQML NPQSL
Miss Hannah Stansfield
Year 5 Teacher
Mrs Rachel Wadsworth
Year 5 Teacher Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead for Online Safety NPQML
Miss Brooke Russell
Year 1 Teacher
Miss Holly Freeman
Year 6 Teacher
Mr Roger Scorah
Music Teacher
Mr Dan Jones
PE Teacher
Miss Charlie Green
Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Joanne Spitzkowski
Part-time Teacher
Miss Sophie Kenny
Year 3 Teacher
Miss Sophie-Jo Smith
Y1 Teacher (Maternity Cover)
Mrs Pamela Tomlinson
Teaching Assistant FEET Support
Mrs Afshan Fiaz
EAL Language Support Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Jessica Wilberforce
Teaching Assistant
Miss Rachel Fox
Nursery Nurse
Miss Caroline Tomlinson
Teaching Assistant
Miss Lucy Crowther
Teaching Assistant Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Charlotte Thomas
Nursery Nurse
Mrs Margaret Hall
Teaching Assistant Breakfast Club After School Club
Mrs Alison Wilson
Nursery Nurse
Miss Gemma Young
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Gill Harper
Intervention Lead Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Penny Dukes
Teaching Assistant
Miss Cassandra Sperry
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Janet Chell
Special Educational Needs Support Assistant
Mrs Georgina Allen
HLTA Inclusion - SpLD Lead
Mrs Hazel Hogan
Teaching Assistant
Miss Ceri Jones
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Victoria Heaton
Teaching Assistant Swimming Teacher Breakfast Club
Mrs Rhiannon Kitchen
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Katie Webster
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Maxine Whitfield
Mrs Allison Sayer
Teaching Assistant
Miss Nicola Shea
HLTA Breakfast Club
Mrs Marie Ireson
HLTA Breakfast Club
Mr Jonathan Dore
Forest School Leader Breakfast Club
Mr Arron Lunn
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Julie Main
EAL Support
Mrs Rebecca Dorman
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Denise Jackson
Communication Lead
Mrs Andrea Hirst
Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Vivian Foley
Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Carolyn Wilson
Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Sharon Hartness
Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Donna Addy
Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Abida Ashraf
Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Rebecca Donegan
Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Daisy Hall
Teaching Assistant
Miss Lisa Silverwood
Nursery Nurse Breakfast Club
Mrs Debbie Endersby
Nurture Teaching Assistant Breakfast Club
Miss Natalie Batley
Teaching Assistant
Mr Nathan Harper
Swimming Teacher
Mrs Nicola Parish
HLTA - Inclusion
Mrs Samantha Simpson
Teaching Assistant
Mr Jon Skelton
Forest School Leader
Ms Joanna Junger
EAL Support
Mrs Kathryn Townsend
Teaching Assistant
Mr Will White
Teaching Assistant
Mr Joel Russell
Swimming Teacher
Erica Mosley
Lunchtime Supervisor
Jodi Howarth
Lunchtime Supervisor
Saira Waseem
Lunchtime Supervisor
Jemma Blackburn
Lunchtime Supervisor
Emmalou Burnside
Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Lara Dorman
KS2 Nurture
Mrs Sarah Eastwood
Teaching Assistant (SEND)
Ms Charlotte Botfield
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Karen Tierney
School Business Manager
Mrs Jayne Murphy
Office Administrator
Mrs Helen Slatter
Office Administrator
Miss Leian Johnson
Attendance Officer Office Administrator
Ms. Janine Gilchrist
Mr Michael Pursglove
Premises Manager
Mr Simon Barber