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Science is a highly valued subject at Sandal Castle Primary.

Cross Curricular Library

Our children in KS2 have created their own artistic interpretations of the Northern Lights after learning about this scientific phenomenon and reading a wonderful text called Aurora from our Cross Curricular Library which explores the legends and myths behind the lights.

Science Objectives Y1-6

This year we have achieved the Primary Science Quality Mark (Silver).

The PSQM ensures that science remains high profile in school. It helps us evaluate and develop all aspects of science teaching and learning in our school.

Our submission for Round 13 Primary Science Quality Mark at Silver level was successful. 347 schools have achieved a PSQM award this round. We are very proud to have attained this nationally recognised status.

Please click the link below for the press release

Press release for Primary Science Quality Mark

We will be joining a local hub of science subject leaders, evaluating and moderating the quality of science within our school.

Achievement of the PSQM award celebrates our schools commitment to excellent primary science.

Core Principles of Science at Sandal Castle Primary

Science Week June 2018

Our children are taking part in CSI workshops as part of our Science week.

W1: Chromatography / Handwriting Analysis

W2: Finger Printing

W3: Lie Detecting Behavioural Analysis

W4: Photo-fit Construction

W5: Shoe Rubbings / Footprints

Look out for our photo gallery!

Sandal Castle Bake Off - May 2018

Children across school thoroughly enjoyed taking part in our school Bake Off competition this week- the cakes were original, exciting and delicious and show cased some excellent baking skills! A community cafe was held during the afternoon; parents and neighbours visited to purchase cakes. £405 was raised for our school library funds.

Reversible and Irreversible Changes

Children learn that some physical changes are readily reversible (such as freezing and melting), while some are not because new substances have been produced).

Our Science focus in Year 5 to begin 2018 is exploring Space. Already Jessica and Isaac have brought in some excellent resources to share with the class and enrich their learning. They are learning a lot from our favourite astronaut’s book: this morning they discovered that his favourite thing is brushing his teeth next to a window overlooking the Earth. Jessica’s star map has been a big hit and once the lights are turned off, they can see a map of all the constellations, our favourite was the one shaped like a slice of pizza!

We are extremely fortunate to work with the Country Trust and the Food Discovery Project. As part of the project our children experience farm visits; Ledston Estate and Swillington Organic Farm and 2 cooking days in school.

Outdoor Learning - Den Building

Our Year 1 children experienced 3 days of Den Building activity with Chris Harmon. The children used many different materials and equipment to make some spectacular dens.

Elite Coaching visited school to talk about Nutrition and Lifestyles.

Making A Wormery

Mini Beast Hunt

Using the extensive school grounds, our children explored the environment investigating the habitats of a range of mini beasts

Science Week 2017

We had a fantastic week celebrating Science. All the children got to experience hands on and interactive learning experiences through a range of activities including a Science Fair where parents were invited to join us.