Sandal Castle VA Community Primary School

A Church of England school serving the Community since 1686

Headteacher: Mrs Nichola Russell
Telephone: 01924 303525
Address: Barnsley Road, Sandal, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF2 6AS

Diocese of Leeds
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‘Together we grow: Together we give’. Ezekiel 47:2

We are a school community and we are a family. We learn together, we support each other, we give our time, our kindness, our love and our compassion to those around us in our school and wider community. We help each other to be ourselves and to be proud of it and to grow in to the unique individuals we are, and as a result, we grow into the respectful and accepting community we all value so much- we are there for each other on each step of our journey.

The Archbishop of York Youth Trust Award

Our children have been extremely fortunate to have taken part in the Archbishop of York Trust Key Stage 2 Award for the past 3 years. However, as we are always striving to promote and provide opportunities to develop understanding of the part we can all play in supporting our community and society to flourish, Miss Harkin attended training on 'Developing Leadership and Character through Social Action.'

On Thursday 16th January, Miss Harkin attended training delivered by The Archbishop of York Youth Trust on 'Developing Leadership and Character through Social Action.' This explored how, by providing experiences that draw out character from within each child, social action allows children to flourish as individuals (building their team work, confidence, compassion and respect for others), in turn resulting in a flourishing society.

It also reiterated the value of the Young Leaders Award, completed by our Year 3 children, in helping to develop young people who are passionate about the world around them, who are considerate to others and who stand up for the injustices they see in the world. In giving the children a deeper understanding of the issues faced by people in our society and how they can help, we teach our children that they have a voice and can be the change that they want to see in the world.

Inspired by this training, each Year 3 class will complete a different social action community project this year as part of the award, after considering the local, national and international issues most important to them. We are excited to see what our children will choose to tackle and the impact this will have on the wider community!


Click here to find out more information about The Archbishop of York Youth Trust.

We are delighted that our Young Leaders work will be showcased at the Young Leaders Awards Conference on 12th October. The Conference will focus upon “The Impact of the YLA in Schools”. Our children have identified in the quotes below the impact being involved in young leaders has had on them.

Taking part in this award was fantastic and I would recommend it highly to anyone. The ethos and underlying principles of the award allowed us to explore important and relevant issues in our community and truly develop our children’s sense of care for others. The children were passionate, participated enthusiastically and what’s more, they have continued to show their acts of kindness towards others. The impact of the award on every day teaching has been terrific- the level of in depth discussion spills out across the curriculum and lends a deeper understanding and empathy to a variety of scenarios and areas of study. Our children have a more confident awareness of their role in the community and indeed the wider world and they demonstrate a passionate dedication to improving and bettering our planet for themselves and others. Walking around our school, visitors are struck by the kind and caring attitudes of our children and this award allowed us to channel these wonderful attitudes in to good deeds that actually made a difference in our community. The impact of this award on community links was significant as both parents and our local church played a big part in supporting the children in their project. This made the award more real and the effect of their work more real. The children could see that they were having an impact. I firmly believe that these children will continue to have a positive effect on their community because this award showed them that they can. Before, they knew they wanted to make a difference, now they know it’s possible.

Community Awareness Programme (CAP)

Year 6 are making their first coat drop today. Thanks to our wonderful community of children, families and staff, Mrs Waddington's car is already full of coats to donate to CAP (Community Awareness Programme) in Wakefield this afternoon and there are many more to be loaded before we set off! As the temperatures drop, the homeless people of Wakefield need as much comfort and warmth as we can offer them- vital for their survival. CAP work with more than 75 people daily and will distribute the coats where needed. As always, we are proud of the generosity and care our school community shows.

We will be making a trip as often as is needed to offer our support.

Watch this space!

CAP Coats

Golden Time - Courageous Advocacy

For the next three weeks, 6FW’s Golden Time Enrichment is Politics. They will be responding to the World Wildlife Foundation’s report for young people. Here is a snippet:

We already know that climate change threatens one in six species with extinction, that plastics could outnumber fish in the sea by 2050, and that an area of forest the same size as a football pitch is lost every two seconds. But WWF’s latest Living Planet Report tells us that wildlife populations globally have declined by 60% in less than 50 years.

These are shocking facts, but there is hope: we can reverse the damage and protect our planet for the future if we act now.

As part of our work on this, they will be recycling plastic to make models of endangered animals with a view to adopting an animal at the end of our sessions.

If you have any plastic needing recycling, please send it in with your child so we can make some fantastic models!

Reverse Advent

At the start of our Reverse Advent project- join us to track our progress throughout the month. Children across school are donating essential items which will be collected at the end of the month by St Helen’s to give to people in need. As our collection of donations grow, we will post pictures to show our progress. See the letter attached for advice on donations! All support is appreciated!

Reverse Advent

After two weeks, our shelves are overflowing with generosity! Two more weeks to go!

Harvest 2018

St Catherine's Food Bank will benefit from the kindness of our children and families again this year.

Year 3 and 4 Archie Bishop

Quotes from Children:

‘ I thought it was good to go out and do good deeds for people because it taught me that doing a tiny thing can still be really big somebody’.

‘I have carried on doing good deeds with my mum because it helps the community and it helps people who are in need’.

‘ I thought it was good cleaning our neighbour’s car. We didn’t really know them and now we have made some new friends’.

‘I liked it because we helped other people but also helped ourselves because we benefited from the chores we did too’.

‘It is actually really fun helping people and it made me really proud of myself’.

‘It gives you a really good feeling about yourself and if every school did this, it would be a much better community because we would all be connected’.

‘I thought it was really fun: I went out, and I didn’t just help my mum make dinner, I actually made dinner so it taught me new skills like how to cook properly. I did jobs like the laundry so it taught me how to do new things’.

‘It helped me to become more independent’.

‘I learnt how to cook something new and contribute to my family’.

‘Linking to RE, if everyone did this, it would probably make a really big change to the world. At the minute, there are lots of wars going on. If we had given people good deeds to do earlier before the problems got too big, maybe it would have had an impact’.

‘I found it really fun because we were teaching other people how to take care of our world’.

‘It helps you to become a better person than we normally are’.

‘It prepared me well for helping at home when my mum isn’t well. I found chores hard before but now I know how to do them!’

‘I like making people happy’.

The opportunity to embed the Archbishop of York Trust Award across the whole curriculum gives further opportunities for our school community to connect its ethical and charitable activities to the school’s vision and values. As leaders and practitioners, we provide a range of opportunities for all pupils to engage in social action and to understand how they can challenge injustice. In a number of instances , our children instigate the campaign for social change and are empowered to affect change.

Visiting Ashgrove House - 28th June 2018

n Year 5, we explored an important question:

Why is there suffering? Are there any solutions?

First, we went outside to use a philosophy game- a ‘sufferometer’ where we discussed the impact of certain issues affecting us and the world around us. We had to discuss having our X Boxes confiscated alongside animal cruelty and the refugee crisis and decide where to place them based on impact. We had lots of very mature discussions and then devised questions such as:

Why does God let suffering happen?

Can religion cause suffering?

How did Jesus advise us to deal with suffering?

Does God view all suffering as equal?

If we do something bad- will we be forgiven?

We had the opportunity to ask these questions to our local Vicar; Revd Rupert Martin and had wonderful, in depth discussions as a result.

We decided to spread small gestures of goodwill in our local community to make a difference rather than trying to change the world over night. We baked biscuits and visited our local elderly care home where we met with residents, spent time with them over a cuppa and a biscuit and then sang to them.

Sylvia's Garden - June 2018

It is with with great sadness that as a school we had to hear the devastating news that our much loved friend and colleague Sylvia (Mrs Pursglove), had passed away suddenly on the 12th April.This was a huge shock to everyone. Sylvia was a much loved and very well respected colleague and a great friend to many. She is greatly missed, both personally and professionally by children, staff, parents and governors.

Mick and Sylvia have been an important and integral part of our Sandal school community for over 25 years. Within that time they have supported every aspect of school life. Our school has always been an extension of their home, and their commitment and dedication to our children; caring so deeply and making such a positive impact on all who have had the pleasure of working with them, is recognised by all.

Sylvia’s kindness, compassion, empathy, enthusiasm for learning, sense of humour and fun, underpinned by an unwavering support and nurturing for all, has touched the lives of every child past and present at Sandal Endowed/Sandal Castle. We all feel extremely privileged to have had the experience of knowing such a fantastic individual.

As a mark of remembrance, the children designed a memorial garden for children at school, Mick and his family to spend quiet, reflective time. The garden is nearing completion and it looks just as the children wanted. The Little Library painted blue with forget me nots, blue hydrangea, solar lighting and blue pots of flowers will provide the finishing touches ready for our official opening in July when our children will sing some of Sylvia's favourite songs - 'Power in Me' and maybe one or two from Ed Sheeran! and we will release blue balloons with messages and our memories of Sylvia.

March and April 2018

Successful bun sales have been lead by Y3 children to raise money for African Connection.

19th December 2017

Here is a picture of Y5 with Sally this morning- she came in to talk to us about what she does on Christmas Day to support our community. As part of the Year 5 RE unit, we have been debating whether the purpose of our lives is to make the world better and to leave it better than we found it. Sally talked to us about how this is possible even in our own community. We are making Christmas cards now to give to the people who join Sally on Christmas Day as part of our work because we have learnt that even small things can go a long way to making a difference. We have also been studying the work of Mother Teresa and we are in the process of writing poems to celebrate the inspirational work she did to help others and lessen the struggles we face in our world.

Letter re Christmas Cards

Wakefield Hospice Light Up A Life 2017

We are proud to continue to support the wonderful work of Wakefield Hospice who have provided care and a much valued, important service to our families.

Living Christmas Tree Planting on Barnsley Road

Sandal now has it's own living tree planted today by children from Sandal Castle. Wakefield council, SCA members and Cllr Monica Graham were there to support the children. Cllr Graham said, '' We will have the benefit of the living tree for many years to come. It's wonderful that the children are involved because it will give them a moment they will always remember.'' The children were all photographed adding a spade full of soil.

Christians Against Poverty (CAP)

This year we are supporting St Helen's and their Christmas Hamper project. Children and staff will bring food items to make exciting hampers for families in the community. The Christmas Hamper Day at St Helen's church will take place on Saturday, 9 December when we will celebrate the generosity and kindness of our children and families.



For the 3rd year running our Harvest donations will be received by St Catherine's Church Food Bank.

We aim to support this vital community service by helping to keep their store of tinned and dry foods well maintained.

The food bank service can be accessed on Monday - Friday from 11:00 to 13:00.

St Catherine's rely heavily on private donations to stock their service and always need non perishable items. Download their shopping list for more details of particularly useful items.

As part of our Archie Bishop focus this year, we have continued to work with St Helen's Church in supporting our community members. To celebrate the 20 year opening, our children have made placemats for the celebration event held at The Spring.

African Connection

As part of our Archie Bishop focus we maintain links with Kenya through African Connection and support the work of St Helen's in supporting the education of the children in the Parish of Bunda in Tanzania. We have raised funds for uniform.

Here our children celebrating having received their Archbishop of York Youth Trust Awards.

Night Shelter Support at Wakefield Baptist Church

Kristian in Year 1 highlighted that the night shelter at Wakefield Baptist Church. He requested that we collect desperately needed hats, coats and gloves to keep the homeless in Wakefield warm in the cold weather we have been experiencing. Thank you to everyone who donated these items. They were collected by Mandy Sherrard the Night Shelter Coordinator. Mandy presented the school with a certificate that can be found in reception