We are looking forward to our MFL Theme Day on Friday 25th January

Welcome to our Philosophy for Children Page

It has been confirmed that our bid to NFER (National Foundation for Educational Research) to take part in a 3 year programme evaluating the impact of Philosophy for Children(P4C) on raising standards in Reading, Maths and Social Skills has been successful. The project will lead to P4C Gold accreditation for our school.

The EEF has commissioned the research with results being shared with DfE in a report to be published in 2019/20.

We are pleased to be involved with the project as so much of the pedagogy of P4C fits with the culture and ethos of our Church school and curriculum. Training sessions for 25 staff have taken place in the Spring and Summer term with Development days due to take place during the Autumn term.

Mrs Hayley Lee will be leading the project for us with opportunity for other staff to be trained to Advanced P4C level.

To gain more information about P4C and SAPERE, follow the link; http://www.sapere.org.uk

Spirited Poetry

Spirited Poetry links perfectly with our P4C curriculum. Both ask the big questions of life, darkness or celebrates the verve of living. It asks awkward questions, dreams impossible dreams and yells angry thoughts. It sometimes rests easy and sometimes it agitates. The themes covered within the book are : Where is God? Life's like ..., I wonder ..., Faith.

The link below features additional poems that can be used to inspire.