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Collective Worship

Spring Term

Lockdown, during Spring 1 and Spring 2 affected how we delivered our curriculum and our daily collective worship. Although the majority of children have been working from home, the daily communication via purple mash, tapestry and phone calls with both children and families, evidenced that our remote education collective worship plans and our creative approach to collective worship were a success. See our ' Celebrating our Remote Education Curriculum page.

Collective Worship - Spring 2

Collective Worship - Spring 1

Summer 2 - Ordinary Time

At each collective worship, we add a new message about Jesus on to our cross

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After learning the story of 'The Good Samaritan' we talked about what kindness meant and how we could show others kindness

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After learning about the story of the miraculous catching of the fish and Jesus calling Peter, we applied our skills from our recent art theme day to create a collage of the Christian symbol of the fish.

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In year 2, we were focusing on how we can help people in need and how Jesus helped people in need

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In collective worship, we talked about how we could be kind to each other and designed posters to show kindness. All week we kept a kindness diary highlighting act of kindness we had experienced, and we cut out kindness hearts and gave them to our friends and teachers

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We had class discussions about the meaning of the word 'Charity' and looked at various charitable projects. We organised a collection for CAP (Community Awareness Programme) and the children and their families kindly donated toiletries and non-perishable food items that can be distributed in the local community

Summer 1 theme - Pentecost

This is the time between Easter and Whit Sunday- often known as a time of sacrifice where Jesus’ disciples had to live his lessons ready to spread the word. It is a time when Jesus had promised that after his ascension, they wouldn’t see him, but that they would receive the Holy Spirit to guide and inspire them. It is the idea of God’s spirit being poured on his people. The themes explored this half term look at how that might look in our daily lives. This period culminates with Whit Sunday on the 23rd May when the Holy Spirit came down.

It is the time when we pray ‘thy Kingdom come’- committing to playing our part in the renewal and transformation of our community. It is a time for prayer.

This week we have talked about how God’s love can nourish our souls and minds, we summarised our discussions by also thinking of what else makes our souls soar- we came up with dancing, sports, running, nature, silence, freedom, trust from our parents, school, bird watching, music. We added our ideas on postits to our collective worship display to remind us to find more time in our days for these special things.

Year 2

Year 2 Collective Worship

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We had class discussions about the meaning of the word 'Charity' and looked at various charitable projects. We organised a collection for CAP (Community Awareness Programme) and the children and their families kindly donated toiletries and non-perishable food items that can be distributed in the local community.

What is love?

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Year 5

Scripture: ‘we thank thee that though dost nourish us with these heavenly gifts’.

As part of this terms class worship in Year 5, we have been examining the scripture below. Our discussions explored how nourishment can take many forms, both physical and mental, and that these are equally important. We developed our understanding of this through sharing examples of how this can be achieved, and the many forms it may take. We asked ourselves how can we nourish others? As you can see from the work created by the children, they had a wide range of thoughtful and insightful ideas. In addition, in sharing personal experiences we gained a deeper understanding of how this may materialise as they move forward in their lives.

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Scripture: ‘Who hast taught us that all our doings without charity are nothing worth/pour into our hearts that most excellent gift of charity’.

As part of this terms class worship in Year 5, we have been examining the scripture above. As a group we shared our own experiences of how important it is to be involved in charitable works and that these can take many forms. We reflected on how we as a school have strived to help others in need, including collecting winter coats for a homeless charity, providing food parcels, non-uniform donations for Hello Yellow, a charity raising awareness of mental health, RSPCA, donating our old bikes to refugee charities and even adopting endangered animals!

5RW Collective Worship Charity Fundraiser for Thin Blue Paw Image preview

As part of our Collective Worship project on the Pentecost, 5RW decided to explore the difference they could make by demonstrating unity and togetherness and supporting a charity of their choice. They came up with a wide-range of charity types, before holding a blind vote to decide which charity they would collectively raise money for. The Thin Blue Paw charity received the highest number of votes. This charity provides care for serving and retired police dogs across the UK, aiming to protect, celebrate and rehabilitate them. Combining this with the Captain Tom’s 100 Challenge initiative, children spread the word about their mission, before working in pairs, or small groups, to complete an activity one hundred times. This week, all the donations were collected in and they have raised a whopping £505.54 (plus £40 gift aid!) in total. I am bursting with pride. 5RW, you have proven that together, we can achieve anything. Go team!

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Following on from last week’s theme, we created these commandment ladders, using the ideas we think Jesus would value today as his top ten.

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The Ten Commandments

In Year 2 we discussed and watched a variety of video clips to help explain the Ten Commandments. We thought about what we could do to help us lead a good life and created our own similar set of ten commandments for us to refer to in our daily lives. We decided to write them up on red paper (the Pentecost theme colour) to make them nice and clear. We also made bookmarks.

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Today in Collective Worship i Year 6 , after exploring the messages in the Ten Commandments this week, we decided to update them with important pieces of advice and guidance which could help people be a good person in today’s world. We worked in pairs, here are some of the more modern, up to date commandments we worked on. We felt that were Jesus alive today, he would care very much about these things too:

Be accepting and tolerant of any race, colour, religion and sexual orientation. Love is what matters.

Show respect for others, even if you feel they are different to you.

Be truthful, even to yourself.

Be in the moment so that you can appreciate all the goodness around you.

Do what you can every day to help our planet survive for longer.

Use kind words towards others and yourself.

Don’t judge others before you have tried to understand them.

Remember to use God’s messages for kindness and not to upset others.

Help others if they are more needy than you.

Forgive others, even if it’s hard.

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Year 6

Yesterday in Collective Worship, we reflected upon last week's theme of togetherness and worked in small groups to create a line of a whole class prayer, we then lit our candles in the jars we made last term and shared our prayers together.

6FW’s Collective Worship Poem

Dear God,

Togetherness means always having someone by your side,

Togetherness means to always stick together, or always have somebody to rely on and being able to trust somebody,

Togetherness means being able to rely on someone else’s help, being able to work together to make things work,

Togetherness means always keeping a warm heart and keeping people happy and cheering them up when they feel hurt or sad,

Togetherness means always having someone with you and never letting anyone be alone,

Togetherness is like a jigsaw and you need more than one piece to solve the puzzle,

Togetherness means having time to spend with each other,

Togetherness is to have someone you can talk to when you’re upset,

Togetherness means working together, making friends and helping people out,

Our togetherness proves the love and appreciation we share amongst us,

Together we can be greater.


HRH The Duke of Edinburgh - A life well -lived

It is with sadness that we all learn of the death of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and we add our prayers to those of the nation for him, the Queen and the Royal family as they grieve for his loss.

As the weekend draws close we turn our thoughts to the Queen and the Royal family as they attend the funeral of his HRH Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh.

We are in a period of national mourning for His Royal Highness and our thoughts and condolences are with Her Majesty The Queen and the Royal Family during this sad time.

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh - A life well-lived

1BR re enacted the Prince Philip Cup

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4LG looked at some of his achievements over the course of his life and then each child decorated a medal for Prince Philip and wrote about what they thought his most important achievements were.

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In 4KH, we have researched the important events in Prince Philip's life. The children then worked in pairs to create fact files to celebrate some of his achievements.

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RamadanTransparent Background Ramadan Png, Png Download - kindpng

The blessed month of Ramadan has begun. For Muslims across the globe, these few weeks are a sacred time for worshipping Allah (SWT). They offer an opportunity for devotion, reflection and celebration of the mercy and love of Allah (SWT). As a school we welcome the time to learn, reflect and celebrate with our children, families and community.

In Foundation Stage this week, the children have been thinking about the importance of togetherness. Jesus taught that we may all have different talents, but when we come together in unity, we can achieve wonderful things.

As a class, we read the story 'We Are Together' and discussed how we may all have differences, but if we come together as one, we can achieve great things.

We created a collaborative piece of artwork, to demonstrate that our differences are celebrated, and that we can come together to create something wonderful.

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Year 2 Collective Worship

This week for Collective Worship Year 2 have been looking at how, even though we all have different gifts, we can bring those together to make something amazing. We each created a butterfly and combined them together to create a beautiful collaborate piece of artwork for the corridor and we learned that together we can achieve greater things.

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Year 3

In Year 3, the children have been looking at the Pentecost. For this week's theme, we discussed how we work together throughout our daily lives in school and at home. To demonstrate this, we created a piece of collaborative rag-tie art on our classroom cross, we were all so impressed with what we could create when we work together!

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In year 6, we have been exploring togetherness as one of the important messages Jesus asked his disciples to spread. We have begun a collaborative art project of weaving, watch this space to see what it looks like when we have finished. We have discussed how we all need to contribute and collaborate to make this work, everyone’s effort is important and valued.

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We discussed how this is a time for 'togetherness' and prayer within the Christian faith. We used weaving as a tool to symbolise our togetherness. We further discussed how we all have different strengths and how by putting them together we can achieve great things - In school, jobs, sports and everyday life!

We discussed strengths such as -

  • Kindness
  • Empathy
  • Strength
  • Honesty
  • Resilience

and many other attributes personal to us.

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