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Christian Aid's Global Neighbours Accreditation

Sandal Castle are working towards their Bronze Accreditation of Christian Aid’s Global Neighbour’s Scheme as an acknowledgement and continuation of our children’s existing and wonderful work as leaders for change against social and global injustices. This accreditation will support and recognise the important work we already do as a school in courageous advocacy. We believe one of our fundamental purposes is to support our children in working towards a more just and joyful world for which Christian Aid also works, ‘in the light of the faith we hold’ and this a concept and ‘a world that our children seem so ready to embrace’.

We agree with Christian Aid that ‘schools provide a much-needed safe space in which children can begin to make sense of the world they are encountering’ and that social global citizenship and courageous advocacy:

  • broadens the horizons of the mind
  • provides real-life contexts for learning and opportunities for pupils to explore topical issues
  • cultivates the essential skills and values (from empathy to self-awareness and respect for all people) that prepare pupils for living well with their fellow human beings
  • contributes to improved outcomes across the curriculum and in pupils’ personal development, through enhanced skills in critical and creative thinking, reasoning and communication.

We will be working towards our Bronze accreditation because ‘Christian Aid’s Global Neighbours accreditation scheme is first and foremost about children: their needs and aspirations, their character, and their hopes for the world in which they are growing up.’

Through our work already we believe that ‘Courageous Advocacy and Global Citizenship both convey an approach to education that embodies an ethos of action-taking, challenging injustice and becoming agents of change in the transformation of ourselves, our relationships and our communities from the local level to the global.’

We all believe in the important work we do promoting social action as a key fundamental value of our school as it ‘draws on Christian perspectives that contribute to the development of pupils (and staff) as ‘dreamers’, able to employ new energies to change our society, grounded in honesty, hope and love’. Watch this space!