Sandal Castle VA Community Primary School

A Church of England school serving the Community since 1686

Headteacher: Mrs Nichola Russell
Telephone: 01924 303525
Address: Barnsley Road, Sandal, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF2 6AS

Diocese of Leeds
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Welcome to our Religious Education Page

Young children are naturally inquisitive and are fascinated by themselves, their families, other people and the wonders of the world. Religious Education (RE) enables children to investigate and reflect on some of the most fundamental questions asked by people. Through the teaching of RE at Sandal Castle VA Community Primary School, we develop the children’s knowledge and understanding of not only Christianity but also of other world religions. We encourage children to reflect on what it means to have a faith and to develop their own spiritual knowledge and understanding. We help the children learn from religions as well as about religions. Time is provided to enable pupils to reflect on Bible and moral stories and absorb their meaning. Prayers, stories, poetry and role play are used as a means of helping children to express and develop their personal beliefs. The school follows the Wakefield Agreed Syllabus.

Wakefield Agreed Syllabus for RE

The New Agreed Syllabus for RE

Have a look at this Youtube channel. This series has been specially designed for teaching Religious Studies to pupils aged 3-7s. It explores the different religions of the world and their well-know stories.

Year 1 Visit to Wakefield Cathedral to Meet the Bishop - May 2017

On the 18th May 2017, our Year 1 children were lucky enough to visit Wakefield Cathedral where they had the opportunity to meet Bishop Tony. They were extremely excited to be travelling to the cathedral on the 110 bus. They prepared questions to ask Bishop Tony. All the children had a drink with the Bishop and time to ask some questions, a treasure hunt around the cathedral and experience being part of a procession. In addition they found out what a Bishop wears and what a Bishop uses. They then did a speaking & listening activity about helping people through words and listening to people and making decisions. The visit culminated in gathering together for a prayer.

Spirited Art Competition - Art in Heaven

Where is God?

We have often found the theme about God is the most popular: atheists and believers of all kinds all have something to say about God and where to find him –or her. Is God nowhere, or hiding? Is God in your heart, or in the scriptures? Is God far away, or close? Can we find God in nature, or in worship? Do some people find God in suffering or pain? Whatever you think, show your ideas about where God is in creative work that goes deep. (The theme originally came from Psalm 42)