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Sports Council and Sports Leaders

Sports Council

At Sandal Castle, we are always listening, taking on board children’s thoughts, views and wishes on how we can drive our school forward to improve. This was especially important in PE, as all of our children show a huge enthusiasm and love of sport, swimming and PE. Therefore, gathering their views on how we can develop our provision further is vital in continuing to grow a love of PE, at our school, as well as promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

We have recently elected our very own sports council; each class voted for councillors they felt could represent their classes’ and individual views of PE in school well and confidently express the importance of exercise in and out of school. Leaders also ensure they represent school and their class incredibly well; showing outstanding attributes, which reflect their ‘role model’ status.

Sports Leaders

Sports leaders demonstrate positive sporting characteristics, which enable them to become successful leaders. They continuously exhibit a keen understanding of sports, effective coaching and important skills and rules to lead specific sports / games. Most importantly, a sports leader must communicate successfully, motivate, encourage and appreciate their performers.

These elements are consistently shown by our year 5 and 6 pupils, who have applied, explained and undergone training in order to qualify as a Sandal Castle Sports Leader.

Our children are always learning and trying hard to support others achieve and develop their sporting ability as well as encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle. Children thrive in this role and love to take charge in leading a variety of activities in lessons; at break and lunchtimes as well as after school (which also involves competitions or tournaments).

“Being a sports leader was a fantastic opportunity for me to do something brilliant! I learnt so much about myself and it helped develop my confidence.” Joshua Shea-Jackson

“Refereeing and being a sports leaders was a great experience and now I know how hard it is to take on these kinds of roles.” Benjamin Roberts

Health and Well-being focus

Year 5 have walked the distance from John O’Groats to Land’s End over the last two weeks. We needed a total of 1407km but we actually surpassed this with a total of 1595.76km!

Our walking challenge began in order to help us to improve our daily fitness and stamina and to demonstrate that anyone can find an exercise that suits them and that is easy to pick up, no matter how talented or confident we are at sport.

However, we quickly realised that walking was a fantastic way of improving our mood and mental health outlook. When walking, we developed strategies for taking control of our mood and distracting ourselves from our worries. Our sense of achievement and improvement in mood have made us raring for our next walking challenge!