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Sports Camps

Sports Camps take place at Sandal Castle VA Community Primary every school holiday in partnership with Elite Kids Coaching.

Feedback from parents is extremely positive.

Easter Camp

'My child loved attending sports camp. He enjoyed being outside and learning new sports he'd never played.'

' Helps the children keep active, gain confidence and have fun'

' Chance to develop additional skills'

' Staff were fab and made it so much fun '

Summer Camp

'Fun, inclusive learning with peers. Active exercise throughout the day and also enables me to work'

'Helps build confidence and encourages teamwork'

'A super fortnight - thank you!'

'The staff are incredibly friendly and welcoming'

October Camp

'We love sports camp - it allows family life to be managed in holidays - good value for money. My child always jumps at the chance to come to sports camp!'

'It helps raise their confidence and be more outgoing to try new things!'

'Just want to say thank you to all involved!'

Look out for letters from school advertising future dates:

22nd - 26th July 2019

5th - 12th August 2019

12th - 16th July 2019

What our visiting coaches have to say about our wonderful children:

The children at Sandal Castle are a pleasure to coach and always challenge our coaching team with their never say die approach to sports! The children are very 'coachable' and take on information very quickly which enables us to get straight into a skill then small sided games! The improvement in movement skills over the past 5 weeks has been amazing and we are really looking forward to seeing these children take the sport to the next level, whether that’s in the community or a professional sports team!
Ryan Hudson - Director of Elite Kids Coaching