Sandal Castle VA Community Primary School

A Church of England school serving the Community since 1686

Headteacher: Mrs Nichola Russell
Telephone: 01924 303525
Address: Barnsley Road, Sandal, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF2 6AS

Diocese of Leeds
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Festivals and Tournaments



Our Year 5 and 6 netball team had a challenging match at Hendal this week. The weather was awful but the team spirit was fantastic. They worked together really well and exhibited sportsmanship and we are very proud of them.


Our Year 3/4 team did brilliantly at the dodgeball tournament held at Kettlethorpe High School this week, beating teams from Hendal, Mackie Hill and Dane Royd to win first place! The children demonstrated fantastic skill, team work and sportsmanship and were wonderful representatives for our school - well done everyone!


Sandal Castle football team played St James at home for their first football match of the year. The team of Year 5 and 6 boys showed great team work, sportsmanship and communication which resulted in us coming away with well-deserved 3-0 win. Cole in year 6 scored a hat trick! A huge well done to the whole team who played exceptionally well and were wonderful representatives of our school.

Festivals and Tournaments 2019-20

Football League

Mackie Hill 2-0 Sandal Castle

Unfortunately, the last game before the winter break saw Sandal Castle lose 2-0 to Mackie Hill. A game which saw Sandal miss a number of very good opportunities and therefore couldn’t put us in a position to go on and win the game. The first 10 minutes was dominated by Sandal and if not for some great saves from the Mackie Hill goalkeeper and missed chances during goal mouth scrambles, Sandal would have been winning. However, missed chances meant Mackie Hill were still in with a chance and they took the lead. A shot from distance which may have been misjudged as visibility was poor due to the light couldn’t be held and it found its way into the back of the Sandal net. Sandal were still recovering from going 1-0 down when Mackie Hill made it 2-0. A swift counter attack and a very composed finish meant it was going to be an uphill battle in the second half. The second half was edged by Sandal once again having the better of the chances but a lack of composure in front of goal was the difference in the end. On a more positive note Sandal showed that even 2-0 down they wouldn’t give in and kept on pushing to get into scoring positions.

Year 5/6 Functional Fitness

To round off the week, we took a team to the Elite Kids Coaching Functional Fitness Festival which was held at Castleford Rugby Union. This was a tough event, we were out all day in the cold conditions and being put through our paces. The day started with challenges to earn as many points as possible for our team. We competed in things like agility tests, an obstacle course, carrying sandbags, burpees and squats amongst other things. After a well deserved rest at lunch time, we all came out to compete against other schools in the team events. Sandal Castle really shone here and won every event of the afternoon which included things like tug of war, bib wars and the gladiator pit. Due to our fantastic effort and commitment, we finished in second place behind Airedale. A fantastic effort by all and a big well done to Finn, Marcus, Faith, Emmanuel, Arooj, Jessie, Evie, Ryley, Theo and Orla.

Football League

Sandal Castle 1- 5 Dane Royd

Our second home game of the season saw us face a very strong and well organised Dane Royd side. Sandal started off the better team and with some great play in midfield by Szymon, a number of good chances were created for Emmanuel and Harrison who unfortunately couldn’t keep their shots on target. Against the run of play Dane Royd quickly took the lead and then extended their advantage to 2-0 with some quick thinking from a free kick. It was soon 3-0 as the quality of Dane Royd continued to shine through although Sandal were still battling for every ball and showing passion as if the score was 0-0. Sandal were then rewarded for their efforts with a goal from Harrison who followed up smartly to tap in from close range. At 3-1 Sandal were pressing Dane Royd into mistakes but unfortunately couldn’t find another goal as a number of chances were missed. Dane Royd soon made it 4-1 and 5-1 with some good passing moves which Sandal struggled to defend. Overall, a great performance which the score line may not reflect from Sandal as the team keeps improving

Year 3/4 Benchball

Our fantastic Year 3/4 benchball team took part in a competition at Kettlethorpe this week. We started with a very tough encounter indeed against last year’s winners, Hendal. It was end-to-end and both teams were attacking and defending valiantly. Unfortunately for us, Hendal came out on top with a hard fought 3-2 victory. Our team dug in and went on to produce solid performance after solid performance. In the end, we swept aside Dane Royd, St James, Mackie Hill and Sandal Magna to record four brilliant victories in a row. Ultimately, it just wasn’t enough to bring away the trophy and Hendal went home successive winners. A fantastic effort from our team earned us a second placed finish. Well done to Rory, James, Luca, Harry, Sira, Lexa, Peggy and Cole.

Year 5/6 Netball League

vs St James


C: Evie/Oliwia

WD: Lucy /Oliwia

WA: Jawariah / Lucy

GD: Evie /Charlotte H

GK: Jack / Saira

GS: Charlotte H / Orla

GA: Orla / Harriet

THE MATCH - report by Evie and Lucy

The match was fun and exciting. The other school were a very good team. Our defence was very strong and we never gave up. We had good attack and stopped a few goals.People took turns taking time out so they can rest and see what they can improve on. Everyone was really good at finding space and helped to get the ball down the pitch. Thanks to our great coach Miss Harkin we always fought hard and gave it our best. No foot work was called out for our team. We had a shot that was close but the other team stopped it. Our team were very good at marking the other players on St James team. We were really energetic and happy with what we ended up with. In the end we tried our best and did the school proud.

When the match ended we shook hands and congratulated them. We talked about what we needed to improve on and what we did very well so next time we could do even better. We were all tired and had fun and we think that for our first match it was great. ( No injuries )

Kettlethorpe Pyramid Boccia Taster Tournament

We had the pleasure of hosting the boccia taster tournament, and what an event it was! Every school brought two teams and it was fantastic to see so many excited faces.

A little about the game…

Boccia is an inclusive sport similar to bowls. The game is played over two ends, the jack is always thrown first by the red team followed by the first red ball. The first blue ball is then thrown and a decision must be made about which ball is the closest to the jack. Whichever ball is closest, the other team throws. This pattern continues until all balls are thrown. We then count up how many balls are closest to the jack for one team and record the score. The blue team then throw the jack at the start of the second end and a cumulative score decides the winner.

Here is what Daud (a year 4 competitor) had to say about it:

‘It was really difficult with all the other teams trying to win but it was really good fun competing against them.’

Sportsmanship was a prevalent theme throughout the entire tournament, everybody was having fun and playing by the rules. We must also mention the level of skill on show, some players looked like professional boccia superstars that had been playing for years! Ultimately, it was Sandal Magna that came out on top, their team gave a strong showing and were involved in a number of really high scoring games. Well done to everyone involved.

KS2 Cross Country at Kettlethorpe

We participated in a gruelling cross country competition recently at Kettlethorpe High School. Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 all took part in separate boys and girls races respectively. There were many fantastic performances, every single runner tried their absolute best and was a credit to Sandal Castle Primary School. Our Year 3 boys got us off to a flying start, dominating with five runners in the top 10. Ewan finished second and Rory third with Vaughan, James H and James N completing the strong performance. Charlotte ran an unbelievable race to win the Year 3 girls comfortably! Max FC then went on to do exactly the same, winning the Year 4 boys race with Tyler also coming in fourth. The Year 4 girls finished off a strong LKS2 performance, both Peggy and Eve finished within the top 10. The UKS2 races really were brutal, the pace that was set was frightening! Marcus got inside the top 10 for the Year 5 boys, whilst Amy earned her place for the girls. In Year 6, Emmanuel and Theo W finished within the 10 and the girls rounded it off with a solid performance. Evie finished fourth with Jessie and Francis finishing it off. All the runners that finished within the top 10 of their races are guaranteed passage through to the next round which is scheduled for February. If you’re successful there, the West Yorkshire Games and potentially national level events await! Well done to everybody who participated.

Hendal 1-1 Sandal Castle

Our second game of the season saw us face a tough Hendal side. We were looking to build upon our previous 1-1 draw, and we did exactly that. It was a great start from Sandal in the pouring down rain as Harrison and Emmanuel both went close putting shots just wide and over. After 20 minutes, Sandal took a deserved lead as Emmanuel used his pace to get in behind the Hendal defence to make it 1-0. He slotted the ball calmly past the keeper after a great searching ball from the midfield. As half time approached Sandal had to do some defending and that is what we did, as the defence made a number of crucial tackles and blocks.

The second half saw Hendal begin to press further up the field and they managed to make it 1-1 and get their deserved equaliser. The last ten minutes saw non-stop rain as both teams searched for a winner. Both teams had their chances but couldn’t take them due to the slippery surface. A very solid performance from all the players involved. Marcus received the MOTM for a solid display in midfield, shortly followed by Szymon for his skill and Emmanuel for the pace and control he showed for his goal and general play.

Sandal Castle 1 – 1 Mackie Hill

The first game of the season saw a battling, cagey affair unfold on Sandal Castle playing fields. Both teams were up for it and neither could assert their dominance. The Mackie Hill goalkeeper made a number of good saves to keep Sandal Castle at bay before Marcus deservedly put Sandal ahead. Mackie Hill fought back and scored to place the teams level going in to the half time team talks. After the break, Sandal Castle produced a number of chances through excellent work from Emmanuel down the right wing. It wasn’t to be for Sandal in their opening home fixture and now look ahead to a tough game at Hendal away to hopefully get their first three points of the season.

Festivals and Tournaments

Hendal 4 – 26 Sandal Castle

Wow - What another fantastic game of netball this was! We had an away fixture this week at Hendal, which was our first against them in the league this year, and what a game it was! Our team shone throughout the entire game, demonstrating how far they have come over the past two years as a team!

Throughout each fifth of the game, we dominated and controlled the game; showcasing our ability to work together effectively as a team and awareness of space. We provided a quick-paced, effective, strong game and each member of the team should be incredibly proud! Mia and Selina excelled with their shooting (missing very few attempts), Timmy controlled the game at centre, whilst our wings and defence held strong throughout the game, and provided great support to move the ball up the court to our attackers.

We are incredibly proud of everyone on the team, as we knew what we had to do in order to maintain a significant lead through the whole game. A wonderful victory – well done everyone! We can’t wait for our final few matches before the end of the school year, so that we can continue to showcase and build upon our fantastic skills!

Sandal Castle 13 – 7 St James

Wow - What a fantastic game of netball this was! We welcomed St James back for our second game in the league, in which both teams played incredibly well, providing a quick-paced, effective and strong game throughout. Sandal controlled the game taking an early lead, with which St James quickly responded. However, we continued to keep control and were able to score further goals to edge us into the lead. Through the demonstration of fantastic teamwork and awareness of space, we moved the ball down the court to our shooters, who showcased their excellent shooting skills around the semi-circle.

It was an evenly matched game throughout, but we continued to hold our nerve and provide the strength we needed to keep St James from taking the lead. Communication, team work and great defence allowed us to secure a fantastic win.

We are incredibly proud of everyone on the team, as we knew what we had to do in order to maintain our lead and push through to a wonderful victory! We set ourselves the goal and achieved it – well done everyone! We are very excited for our next match after half term, so we can continue to showcase and apply our brilliant skills!

Sandal Magna 1 – 18 Sandal Castle

Wow - What a brilliant performance it was tonight by our netball team!

We played our third game of the league away at Sandal Magna, which was a fantastic game of netball, especially in the wintery conditions. The way in which we communicated and moved the ball up and down the court was brilliant. We demonstrated our understanding of space and the importance of getting in front of our markers in order to successfully receive the ball. We worked as a team, communicated and supported one another, which demonstrates the improvements we have made, especially in our confidence.

We scored four goals in the first quarter, which continued to build as the game continued, however Sandal Magna remained determined and when they had the ball, passed it well to score a goal in the second quarter. But our dominance of the game continued and never let up, with us scoring numerous goals consecutively in the third quarter. The shooting of Mia and Selina, and the movement from Centre by Timmy was amazing but the whole team were incredible. They continued the pressure throughout, keeping their defence strong.

An outstanding team effort – well done!


Sandal Castle 4 – 8 Dane Royd

What a great start back after our winter break! We welcomed Dane Royd for our first home fixture and second fixture of our netball league. It was an evenly matched game throughout each quarter, which saw us take an early lead of 2-0. However, Dane Royd fought back and into the middle quarters of the game, it was neck and neck at 3-3. Having taken a number of slight injuries during the game, Dane Royd took control and scored a number of goals in short concession. We continued to fight throughout the remaining quarters, demonstrating some fantastic movement of the ball down the court and excellent shooting! We continued to work together as a team and remained determined until the end, which saw Dane Royd win the game 8-4.

We are incredibly proud of everyone on the team, as we never gave up and we can’t wait for our next game in a fortnight, so we continue applying our fantastic skills and knowledge!

Swim Gala - Sandal Sharks v Ackworth

A fantastic afternoon showcasing the fantastic swimming techniques of our swim squad.

Boccia Bonanza!

All Saints Community Boccia Festival at Sandal Castle Primary

We have been heavily involved in both attending and hosting boccia tournaments in the past couple of weeks. For those of you who aren’t aware, boccia is an inclusive, disability friendly sport which is competed all across the globe and at the Paralympic Games. Imagine it as being similar to bowls but from a seated position. Our children have thoroughly enjoyed taking part and practising their skills as well as meeting new friends and enjoying some healthy competition. The community of schools event we hosted was a great success, giving some staff and children alike their first glimpse of boccia, hopefully inspiring them to get a kit of their own!

Level 2 School Games Cross-Country event at Crigglestone All Blacks RLFC

Evie and Theo represented Sandal Castle Primary due to winning their respective races in the Level 1 event at Kettlethorpe earlier in the year. They were competing against all the other winning teams in the Wakefield District and had to complete a gruelling, undulating course against some very energetic runners. Both of them performed admirably and gave it their all. Theo finished a credible 11th and Evie broke into the top five, eventually finishing 4th, a great effort from the Year 5 pair!

Cross Country

The annual cross country event was held at Kettlethorpe and we took an eager team of year 3, 4 and 5 boys and girls. The races were gruelling; year 3 had a 900m course to complete. Lucy battled through her race and at times led the pack. She battled hard, never giving up and finished the race with steely determination. Max represented the year 3 boys and again ran an excellent race, finishing third. Finneus and Charlotte ran for our year 4 team, again 900m. Charlotte ran a smart race at her own pace and finished third only shortly behind the leading runners. Finneus stayed within the main pack of runners for the majority of the race, coming alive in the final stretch when he broke away and sprinted to the finish to win. Up for year 5 were Evie and Theo, running a distance of 1500m. Both of them ran similarly amazing races, leading the whole way round with a strong sprint finish to each claim first place. Having totalled up all of the results between the schools, we were crowned the champions for 2018/19 and brought home the shield to celebrate. A huge ‘Well done’ to all of our runners involved!

Sharks Team Championship

The sharks took part in the first Team championships last Friday which saw the whole of the swim squad from years 3 - 6 compete against each other in various strokes and team events to see which team would come out victorious.

Split into 4 teams named after the Captains and Vice Captains from 2016 and 2017, points were awarded based on the finish result of each race; 4pts for 1st place, 3pts for 2nd place, 2pts for 3rd place and 1pt for 4th place.

After the first round and some close battles, with some excellent swims by the new year 3 squad members who look like they are going to be a real asset for future competitions against other schools, there was only one point separating first place from second.

Round 2, the back crawl round. Some fantastic swims again on show, especially from new squad member Orla and also Evie, representing her sisters team with both girls achieving maximum points. The scores were given out with team Gowland and team Simpkins tying for first place .

Along came round 3! Yates team captain Kerys, who unfortunately couldn't take part due to illness but still hungry for a medal, rallied her troops. The team responded by winning two races out of four and coming in second place for the other two, adding 14 points to their total tying them with team Simpkins on 34 points with only two team events to go.

The final round.

With just two team events left, two teams level on 34 points and one team on 32 the Championship was anyone's....or was it?

With the first place surge from team Yates in the last round, they continued to dominate and came first in both the team medley and the team freestyle events, securing their claim as the 2018/19 Team Championship winners.

Final scores;

1st place - Team Yates 42pts

2nd Place - Team Simpkins 39pts

3rd place - Team Gowland 37pts

4th Place - Team Turnbull 22pts

Congratulations to everyone who took part and well done to the winners Team Yates.

Year 3/4 Hockey Tournament

We were invited to a Year 3/4 quick sticks hockey tournament at the Slazenger Hockey Club in Horbury. We were one of five schools who attended, with a range of abilities and hockey experience on show. The children got to experience a fast-paced, competitive game with hockey sticks flying, thank goodness for the shin pads! Considering our team had no experience at all using proper hockey sticks, they transferred their skills brilliantly from the use of uni hoc sticks and were competitive in every match. We showed great teamwork, worked the ball well around the pitch and passed into space, whilst showcasing solid (and at times, heroic) defending. The winners of the tournament were, unsurprisingly, Slazenger Hockey Club themselves. We finished in a fantastic 2nd place and the team had a lot of fun. Indeed, Nataniel wanted to stay there!

The club are offering a three, free taster sessions for children of all ages and abilities. If you’re looking for a club for your child to join or try something a little different, get in touch with school or Slazenger Hockey Club directly for more information.

Year 5 and 6 Football League

We hosted Mackie Hill in the latest round of the football league and it turned out to be a clichéd ‘game of two halves’. We got off to a strong start with a couple of early goals. Our defence was solid and acted as a springboard for dominating the midfield and supplying the attack with chances. We continued to pepper the goal and kept the scoreboard ticking over. In truth, had it not been for a number of spectacular saves from the Mackie Hill keeper, it could have been double figures at half time. As it was, we went into the break with a 7-0 lead. Mackie Hill came out fighting in the second half and showed great spirit. The game suddenly became very open, with both sides creating chances. Indeed, due to Mackie Hill’s noticeable improvement, the second half finished 2-1 in our favour. A satisfying 9-1 victory leading into the winter break and the team can be proud of their performance.

Year 3 and 4 Benchball

We returned to Kettlethorpe a year on from our benchball victory, hoping to perform at a similarly high standard and we didn’t disappoint! We got off to a slow start and only just lost to Dane Royd but quickly bounced back with a hard fought 3-2 victory over Hendal, in what was a competitive and end-to-end encounter. The team gained confidence from this and we were dominant throughout the rest of our fixtures. We had quick passing and demonstrated great willing to work for one another in defence. As it turned out, Hendal only lost one fixture also, when we defeated them in round 2. With two joint-first places, the ultimate winner was decided by goal difference. We clocked in with +9 while Hendal recorded +13 and therefore snatched first place! A brilliant effort for the whole team – well done Sandal!

Indoor Athletics Pyramid Competition

On Wednesday 17th October, we attended the Kettlethorpe Pyramid Indoor Athletics Tournament. Sixteen children from Sandal entered the tournament competing in a number of different activities, which included sprinting, speed bounce and standing long jump. Each child showed great enthusiasm and determination throughout the entire tournament. As the tournament progressed, the scores became even closer between Dane Royd, Hendal and ourselves. However, it was the Javelin event that made the difference in the scoring, which resulted in ourselves and Hendal being joint in 1st place and the tournament WINNERS! Well done Sandal, what a fantastic achievement and very well deserved!

Football League Fixture 2 –Sandal Castle V Dane Royd -

Sandal Castle 0 – 0 Dane Royd

Despite the game ending 0-0, Sandal put up an excellent performance. Dane Royd applied immense pressure and in return Sandal maintained their defensive play throughout the game. Adrian made an excellent save just tipping the ball away from the top right corner of the net: a fantastic effort! The team played brilliantly together showing great skill and determination. George was selected as ‘Player of the Match’ for his fantastic efforts in defence, brilliant interceptions and clearances. Well done Sandal for another excellent performance from the whole team, it was fantastic game to watch

Netball -

St James 10 – 6 Sandal Castle

On Thursday 11th October, we played our first netball match of the new season and what a game it was! In addition to being the first game of the new season it was also the first one as a new team, but this did not show, as the whole team worked together to produce a brilliant performance. St James scored two early goals in the first fifth of the game but we soon brought it back, the more we settled into the game. Our teamwork, communication and movement skills developed, which saw us move the ball fantastically up the court to our shooters.

It was wonderful to see our confidence grow, the further into the game we got. Another example of our determination and resilience because we never gave up! We can’t wait for our next game in a fortnight as it’s going to be a bright future! Well done to each and everyone one of the team for such a strong performance and well done to Uchechi, who was chosen by St James, as their Player of the Match.

Year 4 All Saints Partnership Community Football Festival -

What a fantastic afternoon was had by all, to ‘kick-off’ our first Allsaints Community festival of the 2018/19 academic year! St Mary’s and Alverthorpe St Pauls attended the afternoon, which saw Year 4 children from all three schools mix together to make up four teams. Each team played one another in a round robin. Fantastic team work and communication skills as well as encouragement and support was shown from each team, which was lovely to see, especially as this was the first time these children had met. A lot of effort was put in by each child to produce a great show of footballing skills; most importantly fun was had by everyone! Well done to all of the children and schools involved; we can’t wait for the next one.

Football League Fixture 1 – Hendal V Sandal Castle -

Sandal Castle 4 – 2 Hendal

On Thursday 4th October, our Year 5 / 6 football team played against Hendal Primary and what a brilliant way to start the season with a victory! Hendal proved tough opponents as always in a hard fought encounter. There were some fantastic goals scored by both teams and the game was played in excellent spirit. Harrison was a constant threat in and around the opponent penalty area whilst Alfie P looked to pepper the goal from the edge of the box. A solid performance from Musa, Max, Alfie H and George in defence and Matthew in goal helped keep out a dangerous looking Hendal front line. Emmanuel, Charlie, Alfie C, Natamgwe and Jacob controlled the game in midfield, linking the play with great passes and supplying our strikers with chances. Both teams showed great determination and willingness to work hard for one another in a fantastic season opener. We look forward to welcoming Dane Royd here for our next fixture.

Boccia Festival at Sandal Castle Primary School –

What a fantastic event we had on Wednesday. This was a new addition to our pyramid festivals this year, one which our children thoroughly enjoy and one which I’m sure will become a firm fixture. To say this was the first time some of the children had played Boccia, they showed great confidence and skills throughout. All children displayed fantastic sportsmanship and encouragement, which created a fantastic, pleasant atmosphere and it was lovely to see! Despite us narrowly missing out on winning, it was an excellent, inclusive festival which everyone enjoyed and we can’t wait for the next one!

Our children have the opportunity to take part is a wide range of festivals and gala's.

Kettlethorpe Sports Festivals

Kettlethorpe Sports Festivals 18-19

Football Festivals 18-19

Football Festivals 18-19

Netball Festivals 18-19

Netball Festivals 18-19

School Games Sports Festivals 18-19

School Games 18-19

Elite Kids Coaching Festivals 18-19

Our children will also be taking part in a number of festivals lead by Elite Coaching.

Functional Fitness- 9th November 2018

Dodgeball Festival- 7th December 2018

Dance- 29th March 2019 & 14th June 2019

Outdoor Wilderness- 26th April 2019

Rugby- 7th June 2019

Sports Day- 28th June 2019

We are hosting PE and Sports Festivals for the 8 schools in the All Saints Partnership.







Gallery to follow

Festivals and Tournaments 2017-18

We are delighted to announce that our school and children have been recognised for their involvement in School Games. To reach level 3 in a tournament is a real achievement.

The school has been awarded the School Games Gold Award in 2018.

Netball League: Sandal Castle V Dane Royd

As our netball league fixtures continue, every point counts as the fight for the top spot heats up. We travelled to Dane Royd this week; demonstrating some excellent communication skills as well as showcasing our improvement on spacing and movement of the ball up and down the court. Our excellent shooting ability also shone through as we drew 4 -4

All of the team were superb: fantastic interceptions were witnessed as well as excellent attacking skills and a varied selection of passes. A fantastic team effort – well done!

Elite Summer Dance Festival - Castleford Civic Centre

We attended another fantastic Elite Dance Festival with our Year 3 and 4 children. They’d had worked incredibly hard to learn, practise and refine a dance, which they then had performed on the day at the festival. Throughout the morning, the children attended a number of different dance workshops, which was then used to form a dance including all seven schools that were in attendance. The afternoon was the competition. Each of the seven schools performed their dance on stage, in from of expert judges; they found it incredibly difficult to judge due to the high level of skill on show. Our children’s performance was fantastic – they smiled, worked together to stay in time and showcased their strong ability to follow and deliver a highly skilled routine. With only 1 point between first and second place, it was an extremely close festival which saw us finishing in second place - a brilliant achievement!

Pyramid Tennis Tournament at KHS

We attended a hard fought and competitive tennis tournament last week in the blistering heat. All the competitors on display didn’t waiver under the hot sun and produced a string of brilliant performances. Many fine tennis skills were showcased by all schools and the standard of rallies on show were a pleasure to watch, providing much excitement and entertainment. Our Sandal Castle team were placed 4th but had a number of incredibly close matches; only decided by a mere couple of points. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience, having learned a lot about our tennis skills in the process and appreciating the athleticism and level of skill that professional tennis players possess.

Football League - Sandal Castle V Mackie Hill

The football team made their way down to Kettlethorpe High School on a sweltering day, hoping to pick up 3 points against Mackie Hill. Our team made a bright start, dominating possession and settling into the game. The team were playing with confidence and making a number of impressive passing combinations with good runs being made behind, stretching Mackie Hill and testing their resolve. We eventually got the breakthrough and added a couple more goals before half time, with their keeper making some impressive saves also. After the break, we continued to dominate and further added to our tally, showing powerful running with the ball and finishing with deadly precision. The game finished 10-0 to us, which is an impressive results but it was even greater to see that the spirit the game was played in was celebrated by both sides.

Elite Dance Festival

We attended the Elite Kids Coaching Dance festival in Airedale. Our group consisted of year 5 and 6 children, who worked brilliantly together as a team to rehearse and refine key parts of our dance, before finally performing it in front of a judging panel, consisting of dance experts. This was a nerve-wracking experience, but all of our children were professional, mature and skilful in their approach and final performance. The children had taken part in a number of dance workshops in the morning, working with children from other schools across Wakefield. After a fun-packed day of dance, the results were announced, which saw us become the ‘Elite Dance Festival Champions 2018.’ A fantastic achievement: well done!

Performance Video to follow...

'They did themselves and your school proud!'



Elite Kids Coaching

West Yorkshire Games Cross Country Event -

Congratulations to Evie who has made it through to represent Wakefield in the West Yorkshire Games. This will be in the individual event for Year 4 girls.
It’s at Temple Newsam on Thursday 8th March.

Good Luck Evie!!

West Yorkshire Sport Teacher Conference

On Monday 22nd January, our amazing Year 5 and 6 dancers were invited to perform at the Wakefield PE Conference, at Waterton Park Hotel. This was an extra special performance, as they were specifically chosen out of a large number of schools to perform and only had two practises to learn a highly-skilled, complicated dance. All of the children were absolutely amazing and performed brilliantly in front of primary and secondary teachers, head teachers, sports people and members of sporting organisations. All of whom, commented on how fantastic the dancing was from all children involved! A very proud moment – well done!

Host School Events

We are proud to host a number of festivals and tournaments throughout the year on behalf of the Kettlethorpe cluster of schools.

Football League Fixture 4 – Sandal Castle V Mackie Hill

Sandal Castle 8 - 0 Mackie Hill

We signed off the first half of the season with an impressive victory against a well organised team. Mackie Hill made it tough for us in the first 10 minutes but our team didn’t panic, we continued passing the ball and looking for gaps in their defence. The game was played in great- spirit and Sandal were delighted to go into the mid-season break on the back of an accomplished performance. Well done for a fantastic start to the football league! We are continuing to work hard in our ‘off season’, preparing for our huge first fixture back in March against St James.

Year 3 and 4 Benchball Tournament – Kettlethorpe High School

Our Year 3/4 Benchball team travelled down to Kettlethorpe to compete against the other schools in our pyramid. We went there incredibly confident in our abilities and fully believed we could do well. Indeed, we won the first match 8-2! The victories just kept on coming, in fact we won all five of our fixtures and were crowned the Benchball champions 2017. Every single player in our team was superb, displaying great passing and catching skills alongside wonderful determination and courage. The whole team were excellent and thoroughly deserved to bring home another trophy for Sandal Castle!

Eliite Functional Fitness Festival

As part of our on going partnership with Elite Kids Coaching, we were invited along to their first festival of the year: Functional Fitness. Our Year 6 team were put through their paces in a series of activities including bear crawls; cross country running; tyre flipping; obstacle courses; wall climbing; and push ups amongst others. It was an exhausting day and our team were outstanding in the afternoon where they won every event they entered! This saw us shoot up the final leader board and were awarded with an impressive and hard-earned third place against a number of fierce competitors. The children had a fantastic day and came back thoroughly enthused; determined to receive a first place spot at the next tournament.

Netball League Fixture 3 -

Sandal Castle V Dane Royd

Sandal Castle 9 - 1 Dane Royd

WOW! What a performance! This was the most skilful game out of all three matches so far. The team worked together confidently to move the ball up and down the court; finding spaces effectively; and communicating well with each other. We came up against a strong Dane Royd team, who defended and attacked well in the first two sections of the game, having a 1-0 lead. However, we kept our composure and continued to move the ball with speed and attacked, which resulted in us to scoring nine goals in a row during the final three sections of the game. It was an amazing effort from the whole team but the player who was awarded our ‘Player of the Match’ for her outstanding effort and improvement in confidence, was Ayesha. We are all incredibly proud of each and every member of the team and with an upcoming break-in-play all they can do is improve. It’s very exciting to see where this team can go! We will now have a ‘break’ in our netball fixtures but they will continue again in March. Netball after school club will continue on a weekly basis during this ‘break’.

Football League Fixture 3 -

Sandal Castle V Dane Royd

Sandal Castle 4 - 1 Dane Royd

What a game and what a result for Sandal Castle this Thursday! We came up against a strong Dane Royd side. Our team played with flair and finesse and were not afraid of making a strong tackle! We dominated the midfield with intricate passing, using the ball well and finding space on the wings. As the game was tight at half time (we were winning 2-1), we spoke of the importance of effort and continuing to apply ourselves, so as to not let the lead slip. We were solid in defence and scored two great goalsfrom excellent through balls. It was an all-round top performance and we look forward to facing Sandal Magna next.

Y5/6 Indoor Athletics

We competed against all five other schools in our pyramid this week at the indoor athletics event held at Kettlethorpe. We took a large squad of boys and girls who competed in both track and field events. The afternoon was fiercely competitive and every child present was showing real determination to do well for their team. Our team excelled on both the track and field, winning many events and consistently placing in the top three. We had a nervous wait to hear the results, especially after rumours of some disqualifications from some of the races but we were thrilled to hear our name read out last. We are the Kettlethorpe pyramid champions! We now get to compete against all the other regional winners to see who will be crowned the champions of Wakefield at an event later in the year.

Football League Fixture 2 – Hendal V Sandal Castle -

On Thursday 5th October, our Year 5 / 6 football team played against Hendal Primary. This was our first victory of the year. The team used their defensive skills to a very high standard, resulting in a 2 - 0 lead to Sandal at half time. In the second half, Hendal came back fighting and scored their only goal of the game but we became even stronger in defence which resulted in a 2-1 Victory for us. Mrs Parish's ‘Players of the match’ went to Josh and Max. Both boys showed magnificent determination and sportsmanship! A brilliant team and a very well deserved win, well done boys!

Y5/6 Netball Match - September 2017

On Thursday, Sandal Castle played their first ever Netball match. We played against St. James –a well-established team. As a new team for the new league, our children were very enthusiastic and excited to play. After just 10 minutes St. James took the lead. As the game continued, Sandal Castle applied their defending and intercepting skills learnt in training. The team worked well together and their attacking skills shone through, giving the Goal Shooter and Goal Attack opportunity to take a shots at goal. The children worked extremely well as a team with constant support and encouragement given to each other throughout the match. Player of the match from Mrs Parish goes to Madeline who gave 100% determination, made good interceptions and constant encouragement to the rest of the team. Well done Sandal Castle…Bring on the next match!

Cross Country Event -

7 of our Year KS2 children attended Kettlethorpe High School on Wednesday for a cross country event. Our children were wonderful ambassadors for Sandal Castle as their behaviour was impeccable. Congratulations to the team as we came 2nd overall. Well done to all involved

Football League News -

Our first match of the Football League was played yesterday against St James. We were unfortunate to lose that game 3 – 1 as our team played brilliantly! With the score at 2 – 0 in the second half, Jacob scored a fabulous goal - the ball finishing in the bottom right hand corner - giving us a fighting chance. However St James scored a breakaway goal to seal their victory. Better luck at the next match!!

Cross Country Success -

I wanted to thank you for bringing your cross country team to yesterday’s event. It was good to see your runners performing so well. Libby and Hayley paced their race really well and fully deserved their podium finishes, but for me, the star performance of the day had to be Matthew’s amazing run. When he set off at such a breakneck pace, my instant reaction was ‘he’s going to die before he reaches the 200m point.’ But fair play, he maintained his pace and was fantastic (especially running in tracksuit bottoms and such a hot day- brilliant!) He also seemed a smashing young man (he even thanked me for cheering him each time that he passed).

Aden Ball, Ackworth

Year 3 Tag Rugby at Wakefield Trinity

Year 3
On Monday 3rd July, 6 year 3 children attended the Sky Try Rugby Festival held at Wakefield Wildcats.
The team won all 3 of their games against some very competitive teams, showing determination, enthusiasm and outstanding sportsmanship. Fantastic!

Year 4
On Tuesday 4th July, 6 children from year 4 attended the Sky Try Rugby Festival held at Wakefield Wildcats.
Their excellent team work, resilience and communication skills enabled them to go on and win all 3 of their games. Brilliant!

Year 2 Leeds United Training at Mackie Hill School -

The girls really enjoyed themselves on Tuesday and worked really well as a team. The skills they have been able to develop over the past six weeks - based on the coaching they have received from Leeds United - has been fantastic. They have successfully applied these in the games; showing great determination to succeed.

Well done girls - we are very proud of your fantastic attitude and approach to the games.

Year 3/4 Cricket

We hosted a Year 3 and 4 cricket tournament with great success here at Sandal, in no small part thanks to the terrific job our Year 5 and 6 sports leaders did umpiring the event. They were calm and assured throughout, making sure that the games were being played fairly, consistently applying the rules and offering support where required.

As for the competitors, Sandal were up against Hendal and Dane Royd who provided stiff competition. There were great skills on show including fantastic batting displays, efficient fielding and lots of fast running between the wickets. Most importantly, the tournament was played with great sportsmanship and all competitors did themselves credit.

We are pleased to announce that Sandal were the team that came out on top. All of the team were fantastic, when pushed, Alfie was selected as our player of the tournament. Mainly for his fantastic batting and pulling off some truly wonderful catches in the field.

Year 6 Football -

We hosted the Sandal Castle Year 6 Football League for the second year running. Hendal, Dane Royd and Mackie Hill were in attendance for a fantastic day that was played in great spirit. The competition was fierce and the skills on display were, at times, something to behold.

Again, our wonderful Year 5 sports leaders helped referee the event. They may have a new-found respect for match officials, especially the line judges. After running up and down tracking the ball, Leah exclaimed “This is tiring!” Maybe our sports leaders won’t be so quick to question the referee’s decision in future!

Sandal Castle won the tournament last year and we are proud to announce that our fantastic team managed to retain the trophy. Every single one of our team was exceptional. We were solid in defence and some of the attacking play was mesmerising. Szymon in particular was picked out as our player of the tournament as the Year 6 team capped of their last ever tournament for Sandal as champions.

Year 5 and 6 Cricket Festival - Match Report

A scorcher of a day and a scorching performance to match! Our Year 5 and 6 cricket team gave a strong showing at the local pyramid tournament down at Pledwick Cricket Ground and finished with a brilliant second place. Matty picked up our player of the tournament award for exhibiting an array of batting shots alongside his trustworthy bowling and strong leadership. Indeed, the whole team were excellent and just lost out to the eventual, very capable and deserved winners, Dane Royd.

Year 5 and 6 Girls Football Tournament - Match Report

Our Year 5 and 6 girls football team visited the Outwood Grange Academy and managed to earn themselves a fantastic second placed finish! Mr Jones’s player of the tournament was Libby, she gave a commanding performance in the middle of the park, breaking up play in defence and taking the ball forward into dangerous positions. Another special mention to Leah who managed to bag herself a brace in one game! Indeed all of the team played brilliantly and were very unlucky to concede against the eventual winners. A wonderful showing by all, they should be very proud.

Year 1 and Multi-skills Festival - Event report

We recently hosted a Year 1 and 2 multi skills festival here at Sandal where nearby schools came along to compete for the honour of being crowned the Kettlethorpe Pyramid Champions. Lots of skills were on display throughout the afternoon with every team earning hundreds of points to provide a very tight competition. The children performed a range of activities including shooting a football, egg and spoon relays and long jumping to name a few. Our wonderful Year 5 Sports Leaders helped run the event, taking each team around the course and helping demonstrate what they had to do and offering much encouragement whilst collecting the all-important scores. After counting and double-checking, it was revealed that Sandal Castle were the winners! A huge congratulations to the team and Marcus, who was announced our player of the festival.

Due to extensive grounds, our PE faculty decided to establish the Sandal Castle Primary Football league, inviting local schools within the district to regular matches. This has now evolved from the initial football league to now having a extensive range of sporting leagues and competitions hosted and organised by ourselves.

Here is an example of our league fixtures

We celebrate all the children who take part in our festivals and tournaments - each player receives a participation certificate like the one below

Any player who has demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship and effort can be considered to receive the Player of the Match award

Here are a couple of reports of these events

Football Event

During the Summer term, year 3 and 4 children from across the Pyramid have taken part in the Sandal Castle Primary School Football League. The fixtures took place on Thursday evenings all term. The matches were refereed by our year 6 sports leaders. The children from all schools were supported and encouraged brilliantly by parents and carers for every fixture and every child was a credit to their school. Excellent footballing skills were demonstrated along with brilliant sportsmanship.

Well done to all schools and a HUGE congratulations to Sandal Castle Primary School who finished top of the league on goal difference.

Netball Event

Our lovely year 5 girls played netball on 15th June against St James Academy in a friendly match. This was the first time the girls had played in a competitive match and they were absolutely amazing. They developed their confidence, key skills and understanding of the rules. Thank you to parents and carers for their fantastic suport.

Well done girls - Great things to come!

Rugby Event at Wakefield Wildcats

During the holidays, year 3 and 4 children took part in a touch rugby match at the Wakefield Wildcats v Hull KR game during half time. We played with great skill beating Mackie Hill 8-1 and 11-2. The children were lucky enough to be the Wildcats mascots on the night and made their TV debut on Sky Sports!

All the children were seen with huge smiles and represented the school and themselves exceptionally well. What brilliant role models! We could not be more proud!

Lots of sporting action this week at Sandal Castle! On Tuesday our magnificent Year 2, 3 and 4 children took part in a local rugby tournament organised by Wakefield Trinity and hosted at Crigglestone All Blacks. It was a wonderful effort from all schools as the children got stuck in to play rugby in the cold, wet and windy conditions without losing any enthusiasm. You can read more about it on the Wakefield website…

If your child loves rugby or is keen to learn more, we urge you to go down to your local rugby club and give it a go! Crigglestone All Blacks are always keen to take on more youngsters, here’s how to get in touch…

Thursday saw us enter two teams in the Year 5 and 6 football tournament at Kettlethorpe. With 6 teams in total we gave a fantastic effort finishing fourth and second. Everyone played brilliantly and contributed to the team effort whilst having fun taking on our local rivals. Notably, Ellis received the award for ‘Best Goalkeeper’ whilst Szymon’s skill and awareness and Ben’s defensive solidity shone through to earn them Mr Jones and Miss Whitehead’s players of the tournament. Tyler was particularly impressed by Stefan’s wonder goal that helped us earn a hard-fought 2-0 victory, ‘I couldn’t believe it, he scored it from defense! It must have been 25 yards out!’ he exclaimed. A fantastic effort by everyone, well done Sandal Castle!

An amazing sporting start , as our Year 5 and 6 children competed in a Basketball Tournament at Kettlethorpe High School. A fantastic effort, great teamwork and skill saw us finish in second place. Everyone had great fun and showed determination to succeed. Tyler was presented with our player of the tournament award due to his keen eye for shooting successful baskets! Nayaab, Zahra and Josh showed great movement, passing and defending skills. An excellent effort from all children. Well done!

Sandal Castle to represent Wakefield at the West Yorkshire Games!

District Football @ Outwood Grange Academy

'A beautiful evening turned into a fantastic football tournament between the eight finalist from their district competition. Players showed some outstanding skills with quick passing, great shooting and lots of movement. Final winners were Sandal Castle who go on to represent Wakefield in the West Yorkshire Games' taken from

Here Mr Jones is giving our team the winning formula pep talk!