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Active Learning

Research shows that sitting still for long periods is not only bad for our long-term health; it’s bad for behaviour, focus and concentration too. That’s why it’s vitally important for all pupils to be active throughout the school day, on top of their statutory two hour (minimum) Physical Education lessons and their active break and lunchtimes. We know how significant this is and have seen the positive effects this approach has already had on all of our pupils.

Your child is entitled to a rich, broad and balanced curriculum, where physical education is a critical element. A statement that is very much embedded and reflected in our approach to the curriculum we provide all of our children.

AfPE recognises how important children and young people’s physical health and emotional well-being are and the relationship between these and academic achievement: something which we strongly agree with.

What can you do together, as a family, to get your child ACTIVE at home:

  • Walking is great way to get active, re-charge your batteries and help focus.
  • Go outside and play in the garden or at the park.
  • Go for a bike-ride.
  • Lead by example: take every opportunity to be active with your child.
  • Get their heart rates up: walking, jogging, running, playing games.
  • Complete a Parkrun at Thornes Park
  • Visit Pugneys and go in the adventure playground or try your hand at the water sports on offer (following their health and safety guidance and with supervision).

Take a look at the AfPE guidance below to find out why children and young people need PE, School Sport and Physical Activity.

The Importance of Being Active

Year 6 Active Learning

Our children enjoyed a fantastic active lesson today! The focus of our lesson was our children demonstrating their understanding and ability to follow rules in a wide range of team games; demonstrate their ability to effectively communicate; work together as a team; and problem solve. These strategies will be built upon in our next active Maths lesson where we will be reinforcing and deepening our understanding of addition and subtraction and our multiplication and division facts. We can't wait!