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This is our Modern Foreign Languages page.

Modern Foreign Languages at Sandal Castle Primary is taught by our language expert Mrs Waddington. After completing a language degree and teaching in France for a number of years, we are really fortunate to utilise these fantastic skills around school. Mrs Waddington has written a comprehensive scheme of work to be used from Foundation Stage to Year 6 ensuring progression throughout each Key Stage.

We encourage our children to become aware of other languages and cultures. The aim is to inspire our children to love learning different languages through a range of strategies such as through the use of games and songs.

Examples of French in Year 5

MFL Theme Day - 19th October 2018

Foundation Stage

In Foundation the children all joined in our MFL Day 1 with enthusiasm. First they shared their existing knowledge and experiences of France and then we looked at a map and talked about how we could get to France and what we might find when we got there. The children learned to say 'hello' and 'I am called' in French and loved listening to stories and songs in French. By the afternoon they could even answer the register in French! Finally we looked at the French flag and the children made one to take home.

Year 2

In Year 2 we have been thinking about what it means to speak a langauge, and why people might speak more than one language. We then went on to think about French, and where in the world French is spoken. We used our geographical understanding to locate these on a map. We then spent some time learning greetings and colours in French, and thinking about French culture. We made crepes in small groups for our snack, and tried them with a range of different toppings.

Year 3

In Year 3, the children celebrated MFL with a variety of fun and creative activities. Each teacher held a different activity in their classroom and the children moved around in their classes. At each new stop, the children were asked to greet the teacher in French and ask simple questions, such as, “How are you?” “Are you having a good day?”. Miss Harkin held a food tasting session for some of the typical French food such as brie, baguette and pan au chocolate. The children learnt to say “J’aime la baguette. Miam Miam!” or Je n’aime pas la baguette. Beurk Beurk”. Mrs Wadworth taught the children how to say different body parts through singing, dancing and fun games. Miss Ramsden held an art session for the children. First, they learnt some fun facts about the Eiffel Tower and then the children created an evening scene using pastels and used paint to print the Eiffle Tower. What a brilliant day in Year 3!

Year 4

Year 4 had a fantastic day exploring French language and culture. First of all we found out more about the geography of France and it's position in Europe, relative to the United Kingdom. We used Google Maps to have a look around and even visited the streets of Paris and the top of the Eiffel Tower.

We learned how to greet each other with air kisses on the cheek and practised introducing ourselves - we are getting really good at this! Through a classroom treasure hunt we also learned some everyday items of clothing and then looked at the names of parts of our body. Our favourite part of the day was trying and discussing our opinion of a variety of French foods. We unanimously decided that "Le chocolat chaud est delicieux!".

During the afternoon some classes took part in French themed activities linked to our Golden Time enrichment choice. 4SR produced watercolour paintings inspired the famous impressionist painter Monet and 4HF sang a French song.

Year 6

In Year 6, we explored the time difference between France and other French speaking countries, linking to our current Geography topic. We learnt how to tell the time in French, taking part in a treasure hunt to help us remember! We used an atlas to find French speaking countries around the world and then learnt all about Quebec. We found out about the Sugar Shacks, Taffy, Maple forests, Frontenac Castle, the Biodome in Montreal, a famous cheese called OKA, and we tried their famous dish called La Poutine which is a posh version of cheesy chips and gravy! We licked our plates! We were astonished to find out that Montreal in Quebec is 6 hours behind France so when we were in our lessons, Quebecois people were still in bed! We then drew pictures to create a pictorial map of Quebec showing the important aspects of their culture and traditions!

European Day of Languages Assembly - 27th September 18

KS1 children enjoyed a wonderful assembly led by Lingotot Language expert. Lingotot will feature as one of our After School Club options after October half term.

Our Autumn Term Learning Walk of the school focused upon the subject of MFL.

KS1 celebrate a multitude of languages when answering the register daily and the languages which make up our school community are celebrated. They also order their dinners in French every day.

Year 3 evidence shows children accessing daily French lessons, working with a French parent to learn key vocabulary and phrases through story telling and following classroom instructions in French

Year 4 order their dinner in French every day and a rota allows children to decide on the date, day, month and weather daily.

Year 6 teach French daily thorough active learning, music, conversation classes and by completing daily routines in French such as the register, dinners and instructions.

September 18

In Year 3, we have been working with Madame Evans to learn some basic French. So far, we have learnt the French names for different pets and we have practised counting from 1 to 5. We have thoroughly enjoyed rehearsing our spoken French and pronunciation through playing games and we can't wait for our next session!

MFL Theme Day - 26.6.18

Our Summer term MFL Theme Day took place on Tuesday 26th June. As part of this day, each year group chose a country from the World Cup this year to study. KS1 selected a European country and KS2 a non European country.

There was a strong language focus e.g. greetings/please/ thank you/colours etc and there was also one activity that had a Geography focus. This was a good opportunity to address a Geography objective from the year group e.g. mapping or an environmental issue.

Other ideas utilised were: learning about the culture/traditions of the country or a famous footballer from the national team, singing, food, art, drama etc it is up to you what else you choose to do! Pupil voice feedback has been really positive so far for the Theme Days. The children have loved the range of creative opportunities we have provided so this is another opportunity for us to develop these further.

EYFS - Germany

During our MFL day Foundation Stage looked at Germany. We talked about what we already knew about Germany and then used the computer to find Germany on a map and to find out what their flag looked like. We took part in lots of activities including making a flag, learning a German game and song, finding out about and tasting German food and learning about German fairy tales and creating a Rapunzel tower.

Year 1 - Spain

Year 1 spent the day learning about the flamenco guitar which is an important part of the Spanish culture because they are often played for flamenco dancers.Some of the children even came to school dressed as flamenco dancers!The children decorated their own guitars with collage and symbols from Spain.The children had a lovely time practicing writing some Spanish words and phrases they had learned to pronounce.Year 1 enjoyed learning about Salvador Dali and his unusual art.Inspired by his work they created their own piece of artwork.

Year 2 - Poland

In Year 2 the focus of our MFL theme day was Poland.We researched key information about the country, such as its location, history, population and any interesting facts.We talked about what aspects of Polish life were similar to life in the UK, such as the weather and food, and what aspects were different – such as the language!We learnt to say some key phrases using the language, including answering the register, and practicing greeting one another.The Polish children in our classes really enjoyed being teachers for the day – even bringing in items from home to help them tell us more about their lives in Poland.

Y2 Learning Journey - Poland

Year 3 - Mexico

In Year 3 we studied Mexico. We learnt how to introduce ourselves in Spanish, studied atlases to locate Mexico and used geographical vocabulary to describe its position in the world and created a graph to compare the climate of Cancun in Mexico with the climate of Wakefield. We loved tasting some Mexican food, including tortilla chips, sour cream, salsa and guacamole and we made quesadillas in small groups. We also learnt a traditional Mexican dance and performed this for Mrs Russell!

Y3 Learning Journey - Mexico

Year 6 - Australia

LO: To understand the history and geography of indigenous Australian civilisations

LO: To acquire skills in aboriginal art (pointillism)

The history and geography of indigenous Australian civilisations

Year 4 - Japan

This is a brief overview of some of the activities explored across the different year 4 classes during our theme day on Japan:

Year 5

Year Five thoroughly enjoyed MFL Theme Day- we explored the language and culture of Senegal, a French speaking country. We learnt that Senegalese people believe that every movement needs rhythm and that drumming is a major part of their culture. We used rhythm and chanting to help us learn key phrases. We discovered their wildlife and learnt about the giraffe as a spirit animal representing grace, peace and diversity and created a class collage of Senegalese patterns to demonstrate our unity with this belief.

Year 5 Learning Journey

June 2018

We have been working collaboratively on a Drama, French and Art project.

We have used a text to practice and perform a play in French, using our skills to design and make the costumes and props.

  • I can use a simple English text to learn the animals in French.
  • I can develop my French pronunciation using simple French phrases.
  • I can practice and develop simple French phrases to have a sustained French conversation.
  • I can use mime and actions to aid the understanding of the audience and to show my understanding of French phrases used.
  • I can use the script and text to develop props and costumes for key characters, using a variety of materials, paints and methods to create dramatic effect, all fit for a specific purpose.
  • I can perform/support a performance in French using expression and mime.

Weekly French Story Time - June 2018

Our children are enjoying their weekly French story time with native French speaker Madame Evans. We have been using stories to learn the parts of the body and various animals.

Our next MFL Theme day is planned for 26.06.18. Rather than it being a French Theme Day, this time it will be linked to the FIFA World Cup. More information to follow...

French Theme Day - Spring Term

29th March 2018

In Y3 the children focussed on Paris and its famous landmarks for theirTheme day. After finding where Paris was on a map of France and using Geographical vocabulary to describe its location, the children were given photographs and names of some of the landmarks and looked for clues to match the landmark to its name