We are delighted to announce that on the 24th November 2017, our school kitchen was awarded the food hygiene rating of 5* .

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This is our Modern Foreign Languages page.

Modern Foreign Languages at Sandal Castle Primary is taught by our language expert Mrs Waddington. After completing a language degree and teaching in France for a number of years, we are really fortunate to utilise these fantastic skills around school. Mrs Waddington has written a comprehensive scheme of work to be used from Foundation Stage to Year 6 ensuring progression throughout each Key Stage.

We encourage our children to become aware of other languages and cultures. The aim is to inspire our children to love learning different languages through a range of strategies such as through the use of games and songs.

MFL Faculty

We are fortunate to have a number of staff with an interest and enthusiasm for developing the learning and teaching of languages making links and connections with other cross curricular subjects and areas of learning.

Staff already include a 5 minute a day 'conversation games' slot to ensure French is being spoken and developed daily in addition to the sessions within the scheme of work.

A new venture is for each year group to begin a Global Citizenship Scrapbook to log anything related to French, MFL, multiculturalism, diversity and equality, British Values etc beyond what we already do in topic work books.

We will also be holding a French Theme Day this half term with a different focus. This will be an opportunity to showcase learning linked to PE, Art, Music, Food Technology and Storytelling.

Here are the dates for our French Theme Days this term:

Wednesday 13th December Year 3

The children loved their theme day and were so enthusiastic to tell their parents the second they got out of school! They put their shoes by the tree,like French children do at Christmas, and were very excited when they went back to them and found a note in their shoes from Pere Noel!

For the rest of the day, the children had a French passport and visited 3 different French cities (classrooms) and enjoyed Christmas singing in Lyon (Miss Harkin), French food tasting in Bordeaux (Miss Allan) and Eiffel Tower New Year art work in Paris (Miss Gouldsbrough). In every class they recorded their learning in their passport.

Thursday 14th December Years 4, 5 and 6.

Thursday 14th December PM Foundation Stage

Friday 15th December AM Foundation Stage.

Homework Inspired by our RE Theme Day

The themes are linked to Art, Food Technology, Music and Christmas!

Look out for the photo gallery of the days!

Please visit www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primarylanguages/French

Here you will find lots of activities and games to try. Why not practice your pronunciation by listening to the audio clips. You can also improve your understanding by playing the games found on this site.

The photographs evidence our enjoyment of French conversation games. We danced to french music and played musical statues- when the music stopped, the children had to have a conversation in French using the conversation structures we’ve been learning