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Maths on the Move - May 2018

Recent research shows that only half of seven year olds are meeting physical activity guidelines. They are sedentary for six hours or more each day. This is creating long-term issues for children’s future health and wellbeing. Inactivity may also lead to problems at school. Behaviour issues, poor concentration levels and low attendance due to sickness can be linked partly to low levels of physical activity.

Aspire has been working with primary schools in the Midlands to overcome these issues since 2005. They deliver tailored and personalised programmes that are specifically designed to meet the needs of each and every school they work with.

We have been chosen by Aspire and the Association for PE to host a 'Maths on the Move' Conference on the 13th June 2018. Take a look at the video below to find out more...

In addition, our children and staff will also have the opportunity to access the Mighty Maths Programme. Mighty Maths is a fun and engaging maths fluency programme for primary school children which supplements teaching and learning in your classroom. Built on academic research, it uses physical activity to support attentiveness, cognitive function and retention of key concepts in maths. The video below explains more ...

We are delighted to announce that Mrs Reynolds has been successful in her application to be involved in the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics: NCETM Primary PD Lead Support Programme. NCETM Professional Development Lead Accreditation is designed for those who lead professional development for teachers of mathematics.


We are delighted to confirm that Mrs Reynolds has successfully completed the Primary PD Lead Development and Accreditation Programme and as such is now an NCETM Accredited PD Lead.

NCETM Certificate

Yorkshire and Humber Maths Hub

In 2016-17, Mrs Reynolds lead a number of courses for the Yorkshire and Humber Maths Hub to dcevelop the expertise of teaching assistants when teaching Maths. Due to the success of the programme, Mrs Reynolds has been asked to lead a Primary Teaching Assistant Subject Knowledge Enhancement development programme during 2017-18. This is a fantastic leadership opportunity whilst also showcasing the quality of Mathematics within our school.

Maths Club

A few examples of our children being engineers at our after school Maths club!

Chris Quigley CPD - Spring Term

Staff have recently attended Chris Quigley Continuous Provision training with a focus on inceasing ' incidental learning ' across KS2. The following examples evidence how the training attended has been put into practice during year 5 ' Tinker Time. Each table has a different set of Maths/building equipment to work with. Children explore angles, shape tesselation, shape nets, vertices, sides and faces, shape translation, symmetry etc through the equipment, peer collaboration and adult questioning.

Working with Kettlethorpe High School 23.3.18

Year 7 pupils at Kettlethorpe High School were asked to design and make a board game to inspire learning in Maths for upper key stage 2 children. A group of Y7's visited our Y5 children this morning to test out their games.

Continuous Provision in KS2

In addition to daily Maths lessons where children work in ability groups, continuous provision and incidental learning opportunities are planned and carried out whole class throughout the day, for example, five minute sessions every hour responding to time questions using clocks which are out permanently on tables, using measuring jugs to carry out useful classroom tasks and then working in teams to respond to measurement questions once a day for a few minutes, writing the date in Roman Numerals in every lesson, completing a Beat That mental maths challenge every day outside of the Maths lesson, investigating 2D and 3D shapes daily so that although these activities may only take a few minutes- children can tell the story of the chosen shape by the end of the day.

We've been learning about the place value of decimal numbers up to three decimal places

Maths Objectives Y1-6

Maths Progression Map

Visit Times table Rock Stars! to login and start earning your millions!!

What is Times Tables Rock Stars?

In either paper form or online, Times Tables Rock Stars is a carefully sequenced programme of daily times tables practice.

Each week concentrates on a different times table, with a recommended consolidation week for rehearsing the tables that have recently been practiced every third week or so.

This format has very successfully boosted times tables recall speed for hundreds of pupils over the last 4 years at King Solomon Academy, the school in which it was created. Now it is used in over 2500 schools - both primary and secondary - worldwide.

13th October 2017

This week's most correct answers in TT Rockstars is Zahid in Year 6 with 13,251 correct! A fantastic achievement.

Biggest improver of their rock speed is Jake D in year 4, knocking 4.66 seconds off his average time for each question. Excellent work Jake!

TT Rockstar Success

We are very excited to announce that Uzair was awarded Champion Rock Star and the recent Rock Star Wrangle in Halifax. Our school competed against 49 other schools in the North of England Rock Wrangle. Uzair demonstrated his prowess and skills in rapid times table fact recall to beat the 149 other children representing their schools. He was fortunate to 'live the life of a real rock star' and took his well earned place in the co-pilot seat of Helicopter taking a ride across the vast expanse of Halifax and it's surrounding areas. Here are some photos of our 'Times Table Rock Star!'

Using and Applying

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl have some great resources for learning at home. Use the website link below to find out what you can do to help develop your child's maths skills from early years through to year 6.



Making maths real!

Based on a proven concrete-pictorial-abstract approach, Numicon encourages children to explore maths using structured imagery and apparatus in order to understand and explain mathematical concepts:

  • Gives children confidence through demonstrating how and why they arrived at their answer
  • Easily assess understanding by watching and listening to what children do and say
  • Flexibility to use alongside existing resources, or as a complete maths programme

Follow the link to access Numicon Flash Cards

Numicon Flash Cards

Here are number cards 0-20

Numeral Cards 0-20

Check out the new BBC Bitesize Primary website for Maths activities to support learning; Numbers, Shapes and Movement, Measurement and Handling Data


Have a look at these great KS1 guides;


Supporting your Child Year 1

Supporting your Child Year 2