Sandal Castle VA Community Primary School

A Church of England school serving the Community since 1686

Headteacher: Mrs Nichola Russell
Telephone: 01924 303525
Address: Barnsley Road, Sandal, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF2 6AS

Diocese of Leeds

‘Together we grow: Together we give’. Ezekiel 47:2

We are a school community and we are a family. We learn together, we support each other, we give our time, our kindness, our love and our compassion to those around us in our school and wider community. We help each other to be ourselves and to be proud of it and to grow in to the unique individuals we are, and as a result, we grow into the respectful and accepting community we all value so much- we are there for each other on each step of our journey.

Learning to read so we can read to learn and gain pleasure is at the heart of all areas of the curriculum. Early reading is therefore our first, foremost and central priority in school so all children are readers. Books are enjoyed and used across all curriculum areas as highly valued hooks, tools and a way of escaping in to other worlds, times, places and situations.


Jameela Jamil is a British actress, model, presenter and activist promoting equality. She used to be an English teacher. On Instagram, she has created an account called @i_weigh where she encourages people to weigh their value but completely unrelated to physical appearance.

In KS2, we have started our own project where we do the same thing. We would much prefer to celebrate our wonderfully diverse personalities, characters and interests than to worry about how our bodies look to other people. On this page, you will see our own version of her Instagram page where we promote good self-esteem and confidence in ourselves and in each other.

Children are enjoying displaying their rainbow of possibilities in Year 6!

This poem has been written by Year 6 children- the first and last verse have been kept from the original and we have written the rest.


You are not your age,

Nor the size of clothes you wear,

You are not a weight,

Or the colour of your hair,

You are not your name or the dim[ples in your cheeks.

You are all the love in your heart,

You are every tear you have bled,

You are all the songs you’ve mixed,

You are all the games you have played,

You are every step you’ve walked,

You are the beauty in your eyes,

You are all the best times you can imagine,

You are all the bath bombs you have fizzed,

You are all the friends you have ever needed and it’s thanks to you that you have succeeded,

You are all the dance moves in the dance,

You are all the buses that you have spotted,

You are the beats that are in your heart,

You are all the wings you will ever need,

You are every Jo Jo Bow you have,

You are all the books you have ever read,

You are all the tunes you’ve ever played and these have all made your day,

You are the brainstorm in your head,

You are all the goals you’ve ever scored,

You are all the things that made you work hard,

You are all the sharks you’ve ever dreamed of diving with,

You are all the laughs in your lounge,

You are all the answers to your questions,

You are all the languages you have ever spoken,

You are all the wishes you’ve ever made,

You are all the movies you’ve ever watched, you are your own story, let it lead your way,

You are all the jumps on the trampoline,

You are all the love you have been given,

You are all the countries on your map,

You are all the fruit in the bowl,

You are all the fun you’ve had,

You are all the stars in your sky,

You are gigabytes in your IPAD,

You are all the plants and seeds that you grow,

You are all the memories in your mind,

You are the only songs in your APP,

You are all the words in the dictionary,

You are all the work you have ever done,

You are all the buttons on your favourite jacket,

You are all the boats you’ve ever sailed,

You are the pea to your own pod,

You are all the drawings you’ve ever drawn,

You are all the comics you’ve ever made,

You are all the things that you gave up,

You are all the water in your own cup,

You are all the people who you love,

You are all the planets in our solar system,

You are all the miles you’ve ever run,

You are the sun in your own sky,

You are all the oxygen in the leaves of a tree,

You are all the time inside your watch,

You are every galaxy in the universe,

You are the blood in your veins.

You are all the chocolate treats in your cupboard.

You’re made of so much beauty,

But it seems that you forgot,

When you decided that you were defined,

By all the things you’re not.