Odd Sock Day for the Launch of Anti Bullying Week Monday 12th November

Golden Time

Our children have the opportunity to take part in a wonderful enrichment programme during our Golden Time provision. Children choose to take part in 12 high quality activities throughout the academic year.

Here is the range of opportunities on offer...

  • Awesome Art
  • Board Games
  • Circuits
  • Creative RE
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • First Aid
  • Forest School
  • French
  • Garage Band
  • History
  • Maths Tinker Time
  • Orienteering
  • Philosophy Box
  • Poetry By Heart
  • Poetry Challenge
  • Debate
  • Recorders
  • Sewing
  • Science Investigations
  • Scratch
  • Singing
  • Swimming
  • Technology
  • Ukulele



The children in 3KH loved their first Recorders Golden Time session! We focused on learning how to hold the recorder correctly and play the note B, reading the music as we played along to different melodies. We are looking forward to learning how to play more notes next week and preparing for a performance at the end of our block!

Golden Time - Courageous Advocacy

For the next three weeks, 6FW’s Golden Time Enrichment is Politics. They will be responding to the World Wildlife Foundation’s report for young people. Here is a snippet:

We already know that climate change threatens one in six species with extinction, that plastics could outnumber fish in the sea by 2050, and that an area of forest the same size as a football pitch is lost every two seconds. But WWF’s latest Living Planet Report tells us that wildlife populations globally have declined by 60% in less than 50 years.

These are shocking facts, but there is hope: we can reverse the damage and protect our planet for the future if we act now.

As part of our work on this, they will be recycling plastic to make models of endangered animals with a view to adopting an animal at the end of our sessions.

If you have any plastic needing recycling, please send it in with your child so we can make some fantastic models!


In 6FW in Golden Time, we started our journey towards becoming Green Ambassadors for the WWF. We learnt about how Orang-utans are rapidly becoming an endangered species- if we don’t act now, they could become extinct in the next ten years. We worked in teams to research what we could do as a class to help and then used recycled card to make our own Orang-utans!



Forest School and poetry...

After reading a poem from this beautiful book about Autumn leaves, we headed outdoors. Each group of children were given four sticks of bamboo, told they were allowed string and to use anything they could find around them to build something using their Forest School skills so far! We had some wonderful, imaginative creations including a castle, a deer, a wigwam, a car, a painting in a frame, a Stone Age tool and lots of imaginative play too! What a wonderful afternoon it was!

Tinker Time

'K’Nex is really fun to play with; you can be very creative and make anything you desire.'


'K’Nex is amazing; You can use you’re imagination when constructing. I wish they were life size!'



6FW have chosen for their first Golden Time enrichment activity. This afternoon, they played a number of exciting games which not only developed their swimming skills but also their communication skills, team work, problem solving and number work. They supported each other and had a brilliant time! Roll on next week!

Forest School and Poetry links

Children and staff are really enjoying their Forest School Golden Time- this week they used the leaves from their tree survey to create their own impressions of the Jabberwocky from Mr Skelton’s favourite poem!

Maths TinkerTime

Year 5 are working with a range of construction materials, resources and kits.

  1. Sharpen Focus and Patience - Building toys sharpens focus and establishes patience, two very important life skills that your little one should develop on their journey through life!
  2. Build Fine Motor Skills and Strength - Fine motor skills are those little movements we usually take for granted like feeding ourselves, buttoning a shirt, or zippering a jacket. These small muscles that control the hand are put to good use when your child is playing with building toys. Essentially, children have to grasp big and tiny pieces alike—which strengthens hand muscles—as well as move and manipulate them to create different shapes.
  3. Encourage Mind Usage - Building toys are hands on and teach your child to use his or her mind and fosters creativity by sparking imaginative thoughts. This increase in imagination has also shown to boost cognitive, social, and academic growth.
  4. Develop Problem-Solving Skills - Problem-solving is a critical life skill .When using building toys, children will come to learn this skill quickly as it’s needed to decide what will and what will not work in the designs. The mental process of problem-solving also teaches children to analyse different options.
  5. Introduce Different Subjects - Building toys introduces children to maths, science, arts, and even engineering.