We are looking forward to our MFL Theme Day on Friday 25th January

Fairtrade Fortnight 2018 is between Mon 26th Feb and Sun 11th March. Plans are already underway to ensure this years events are as thought provoking and pertinent as last years! We aim to carry out another Fairtrade event, similar to last year where the children get dressed up and complete Fairtrade activities in classes, as well as Key Stage events in the hall.

The theme this year is about Fairtrade 'opening doors'. Fairtrade is predominantly about fairness for farm workers therefore our initial thoughts for the theme may be children dressing as farmers (the first year they dressed in pyjamas due to it being a fairtrade 'breakfast').

Fairtrade Community Event 2018

Please click on the link to view the Diocesan celebration of our school success'


We have worked extremely hard over the last academic year to achieve the Fairachiever Award. We have thoroughly enjoyed working towards this award and have prioritised our curriculum events to build our portfolio of evidence in order to achieve this. Here are some photos of the events and work completed in school in celebration of our Fairachiever Award.

As part of our commitment to Fairtrade across the curriculum, we purchased Fairtrade footballs, sports bibs and aprons with funds raised from our Fairtrade breakfast cafes.