School opens on Monday 30th October for an exciting half term!

Star Readers

Week Ending Friday 20th October

We have had a marvellous week of reading in school this week. On top of some excellent dedication and attitudes towards reading, we have had a massively successful Book Fair in school, the success of which will allow us to buy even more book new books for our children. Thank you to everyone involved in selling and buying books in school this week.
This week we have been impressed by readers who have supported their peers to improve their reading, readers who have recognised the importance of reading daily and who have taken a real responsibility for their reading progress. Some readers this week have improved their fluency, developed a meaningful understanding of challenging texts, expressed thoughts, feelings and opinions about a text and generally read with much enthusiasm. Shyla in 3KH even performed her favourite poem to her teacher at Parent’s Evening- how wonderful!
Here are our Star Readers this week:

Foundation Stage:


Year One:

Year Two:

Year Three:

Year Four:

Year Five:

Year Six:

Mrs Waddington’s Star Reader is Harry in Year 2.
Mrs Smith’s Star Reader is Suri in Year 6.
Miss Whitehead’s Star Reader is Ashley in Year 2.
Mr Carter’s Star Reader is Emmanuel in Year 4.
Mrs Russell’s Star Reader is Zaid in Year 3.

Star Readers

Friday 13th October

We have had another fantastic week of reading this week at Sandal Castle Primary School- children are even talking about books and authors in the corridor and are enthusiastic to read with an adult every day!

Star Readers this week are...

Foundation Stage

Alice W

Phoebe G

Iqra C

Year One

Bryony T

Rohan L

James N

Zachary Z

Year Two

Lexa D

Leo L

Ameera H

Year Three

Blake S

Kadie R

Robyn W

Year Four

Theo W

Javariah I

Dayana K

Year Five

Ben D

Ebony S

Lewis H

Year Six

Kristal M M

Cameron S

Madeleine T

Oliver G

Mrs Russell’s Star Reader is James F in Year 5!

Mrs Smith’s Star Reader is Leah C in Year 6 who has been to read in her spare time with Mrs Smith every day this week and in addition, she is creating her own personal dictionary of new words to use in her writing. What a star!

Mrs Waddington’s Star Reader is Lucy P in Year 3.

Mrs Wiles’ Star Reader is Evie W in Year 6.

Miss Whitehead’s Star Reader is Lydia C M in Year 5.

Star Readers

Friday 6th October 2017

This week has been a marvellous week of reading at Sandal Castle Primary School. Classrooms have been full of rich reading opportunities and the corridors have been buzzing with book talk and recommendations. All of our children have been dedicated readers but here are a few children who have really stood out in the crowd as star readers this week:

Foundation Stage:

Archie H

Bilbao K

Tilly B

Year One:

Lily D

Kayden P

Logan E

Year Two:

Madhia M

Rio H

Kayleigh R

Year Three

Kian C

Tai S

Annabel H

Year Four

Evie H

Gracie D

Harriet S

Year Five

Jacob J

Thomas H

Wiktoria P

Year Six

Samuel S

Liam S

Myrah M

These children have shown commitment, dedication and passion for reading. Samuel in Year 6 showed a brilliant understanding and research skills when discussing archaic language. Liam showed a wonderful enjoyment of his book about weird weather. Myrah had a lot of fun with Mrs Wadsworth when reading together. Miss Hawkins was extremely proud of Madhia's enthusiasm for improving her reading and Wiktoria was so excited about her book she read it all the way down the corridor! Harriet has shown wonderful commitment to reading a book by Michael Morpurgo and could not wait to read more!

What wonderful readers we have in school! Keep up the hard work everyone!