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“Rather than just intensifying the focus on data, Ofsted inspections must explore what is behind the data, asking how results have been achieved. Inspections, then, are about looking underneath the bonnet to be sure that a good quality education – one that genuinely meets pupils’ needs – is not being compromised.” Amanda Spielman HMCI

Our Curriculum...

Our Curriculum and Bloom's Taxonomy

The principles of Bloom’s Taxonomy underpin all of our learning at Sandal Castle Primary School. Bloom’s taxonomy provides a structure for higher level and deeper thinking skills, ensuring that our children are fluent and independent learners across the curriculum, that they can apply their knowledge and understanding in a variety of ways and broaden their comprehension across a range of contexts.

This approach to learning means that our children are competent and active participants of our curriculum rather than simply being passive spectators. They are Historians, Geographers, Writers, Readers, Mathematicians, Philosophers, Artists, Musicians, Sports People and over all, they are THINKERS!

Sandal Castle Primary 10

Our school provides a broad and balanced curriculum which challenges learners, encourages curiosity and inspires lifelong learning. We celebrate every aspect of our children and allow our curriculum to evolve to meet the needs and passions of our current and anticipated school community. We have thought carefully about our curriculum design to ensure that its structure and implementation builds pupils’ knowledge over time.

Our school curriculum is creative, inclusive, reflective and collaborative allowing children to develop a range of skills, attributes and qualities. We promote independent learners who are inspired and engaged in their learning through exploration, challenge and discovery. Our children learn to think deeply and reflect imaginatively. The opportunities our curriculum provides ensure that all children have the chance to develop their skills and passions equally. Children have maximum opportunity to develop their own voice and an understanding of individual liberty whilst remaining respectful towards others.

Whilst members of our school community, all children will undertake a series of life experiences designed to promote greater awareness of local, wider and global issues faced in modern Britain and to develop informed and democratic opinions and improve their confidence as a valued member of the community. We have named these the Sandal Castle Primary 10. Follow the link below to see our identified experiences;

Sandal Castle Primary 10

In enriching and developing our curriculum to meet the needs of all children, leaders and governors use high quality professional development to encourage challenge and support teacher improvement.

Our commitment to staff CPD is demonstrated in our purchase of Chartered College Membership for staff and whole school subscription for TES for Schools.

Professional Development Continuum at Sandal Castle

Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools

As a school, we are fully committed to supporting the mental health and well being of our school community and have already pledged to undertake the award and look forward to working with Carnegie and our assessor Dr Pooky Knightsmith during the forthcoming months.

The Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools, exists to strengthen the mental health of the next generation by supporting schools to make a positive change at all levels of the UK's education system, hereby improving outcomes and life chances. This initiative, being led by Carnegie School of Education and Minds Ahead CIC, is focused on evidence-based solutions which address schools', pupils and parents/carers needs; the development of a professional community of school mental health experts; and leading innovation within the area.

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