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Our Curriculum and Bloom's Taxonomy

The principles of Bloom’s Taxonomy underpin all of our learning at Sandal Castle Primary School. Bloom’s taxonomy provides a structure for higher level and deeper thinking skills, ensuring that our children are fluent and independent learners across the curriculum, that they can apply their knowledge and understanding in a variety of ways and broaden their comprehension across a range of contexts.

This approach to learning means that our children are competent and active participants of our curriculum rather than simply being passive spectators. They are Historians, Geographers, Writers, Readers, Mathematicians, Philosophers, Artists, Musicians, Sports People and over all, they are THINKERS!

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Parent Questionnaire Outcomes

Every year we engage with parents/carers numerous times asking their views and opinions on school life. The following outcomes reflect recent questionnaire responses.

In October we used the Ofsted questionnaire to gather opinions;

Parent Views (Ofsted Questionnaire) Graphs

Our aim is to engage as many parents/carers as possible in school events. The following link demonstrates the engagement of parents at our October parent consultation sessions. Thank you for joining us to support your child, their learning and school.

Parent Consultation Attendance

Another question asked to parents/carers is how they would like to receive information from school. The following table demonstrates parental views;

Parents preferred method of receiving information

We recently asked children and parents together (joint voice) which curriculum areas they most enjoy during the school day. The results demonstrate the breadth and wealth of opportunities available to every year group. As a school, we are delighted that our commitment to providing a broad and balanced curriculum has been recognised by children and parents. The following graphs evidence the outcomes. We also asked parents which aspects of school life they would like to know more about. We will address need via parents preferred method as ascertained above.

Joint Pupil and Parent Views - Curriculum

Actions and response to parent/carer views