We are delighted to announce that on the 24th November 2017, our school kitchen was awarded the food hygiene rating of 5* .

“Rather than just intensifying the focus on data, Ofsted inspections must explore what is behind the data, asking how results have been achieved. Inspections, then, are about looking underneath the bonnet to be sure that a good quality education – one that genuinely meets pupils’ needs – is not being compromised.” Amanda Spielman HMCI

Our Curriculum and Bloom's Taxonomy

The principles of Bloom’s Taxonomy underpin all of our learning at Sandal Castle Primary School. Bloom’s taxonomy provides a structure for higher level and deeper thinking skills, ensuring that our children are fluent and independent learners across the curriculum, that they can apply their knowledge and understanding in a variety of ways and broaden their comprehension across a range of contexts.

This approach to learning means that our children are competent and active participants of our curriculum rather than simply being passive spectators. They are Historians, Geographers, Writers, Readers, Mathematicians, Philosophers, Artists, Musicians, Sports People and over all, they are THINKERS!

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