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Curriculum Faculties

We are very proud of our School Council Faculty members. Our councillors work alongside their peers and the staff in school making suggestions for improvement. They have an extremely positive impact in school.

MathsEnglishArts and PEFoundation SubjectsHealth and Safety
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Have a read of the action plans linked directly to current discussion points and actions taken linked to pupil voice from last academic year. This years action points can also be found on our Pupil Voice main page.

Spring 2

During Spring 2 Mr Carter and Mrs Russell visited a Primary School In Sunderland and Mr Caerter and Mr Jones visited a school in Bradford to look at outdoor/lunchtime play provision. Developing lunchtime play opportunities is an area that both children and staff would like to develop further at Sandal. We already have a number of indoor clubs running plus sports clubs and the launch of the reading garden has taken place. The children decided that they would like opportunities for outdoor arts and crafts, problem solving and reasoning. After visiting Bradford and Sunderland we looked at purchasing the resources used by these schools; teambuildingatschool. The package we purchased also included training for staff to enable them to actively facilitate the play/learning during lunchtimes. Training has taken place and we now have activity zones established at lunchtimes. Look how much fun our staff had during their teambuilding training using the resources our children use.

29th March

Mr Scorah our Music specialist often performs the clarinet or saxophone for the children in Music lessons and also in our singing assembly. From the arts pupil voice, the children would love to hear him perform more!

Arts Faculty - Pupil Voice

7th March

Our school works in partnership with 7 church schools; The All Saints Partnership. During the year, every school is visited by the leadership team from 2 of the partner schools who then lead a peer challenge review focussing on a specific key line of enquiry. On the 7th March, the leadership teams from Southdale and St John's visited Sandal to undetake our peer challenge. The following report captures the quality of the pupil voice session they engaged in.

Pupil Voice - Peer Challenge Review

Spring 1 2019

On the 1st February our Maths Faculty met to discuss their opinions of Maths within school.

Maths Faculty - Pupil Voice

On the 23rd January our Social Action Faculty met. They discussed the social action projects they have taken part as members of our school community and also the benefits of social action.

Social Action Faculty - Pupil Voice

On the 18th January our English Faculty met to discuss their views of our reading curriculum. They brought their books to show evidence of read and respond and cracking comprehension which supported them in being able to articulate their opinions. They also very ably discussed work they are proud of and the reasons why?

English Faculty - Reading Pupil Voice

Autumn 2 2018

We have taken on board suggestions from our faculty members as to how their views, responses and ideas should be presented. The Foundation Subject template is a new format we are trialling.

Foundation Subjects


Autumn 1 2018

Arts and PE

Golden Time



Our councillors have prioritised raising money to buy friendship benches. A range of child led events have taken place with delivery of 2 friendship benches..

School Council support Anti Bullying Week

As part of our Anti Bullying week focus, school council members led assemblies to discuss our school; what we do well and what we could improve. This was linked to equality and recognising and celebrating that we are ' All different. All equal'.

Year 4 school council members lead the assembly for Foundation Stage and KS1 with Year 5 and 6 school councillors leading the assembly for KS2.

Positive Key Messages from the Y4 lead assembly;

We are good at;


Being nice to others

Being respectful

Being caring and kind

Respecting EVERYONE

Being helpful to each other

Welcoming new people

Being polite and opening doors for people

Persevering if things don't go right first time

Y4 School Council Assembly

Road Safety Week

We are supporting Road Safety Week by using the resources from THINK! and hosting a BEEP BEEP Day supporting Brake, the road safety charity.