Sandal Castle VA Community Primary School

A Church of England school serving the Community since 1686

Headteacher: Mrs Nichola Russell
Telephone: 01924 303525
Address: Barnsley Road, Sandal, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF2 6AS

Diocese of Leeds
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‘Together we grow: Together we give’. Ezekiel 47:2

We are a school community and we are a family. We learn together, we support each other, we give our time, our kindness, our love and our compassion to those around us in our school and wider community. We help each other to be ourselves and to be proud of it and to grow in to the unique individuals we are, and as a result, we grow into the respectful and accepting community we all value so much- we are there for each other on each step of our journey.

Pupil Voice

Greta Thunberg

Here at Sandal Castle VA Community Primary School we believe that children should be at the heart of everything we do. As a result, we strive to ensure our children are active stakeholders in the decision making processes` within school. By encouraging pupils to participate in decision making in a real and tangible way, we hope children will feel an improved sense of self-esteem and motivation, and gain vital personal, social and organisational skills as well as enhancing their knowledge of concepts such as democracy which will help prepare them for life in modern Britain.

We believe that when pupils and adults work together as partners it helps improve relationships, makes our policies and practices more relevant and pertinent and ultimately helps to create a learning environment where everybody feels valued and has a sense of belonging. When this happens it creates a learning environment which enables all stakeholders to be the best they can be.

'We may think we’re small and insignificant, but, if we all think like that, we won’t bring about change.'

Carry Somers.

Our School Vision Statement

Our school vision is clear, pertinent, relevant and at the core of all we undertake as a school.If we believe that our main concern is to ensure that our children flourish, make progress and achieve their potential in the widest sense, then all aspects of teaching and learning that are planned, and the climate within the school, are leading towards that vision.The values and philosophy we promote, underpin the management of the school, the curriculum, the ethos and the way we work together as a corporate unit. We aim to be a health promoting school, where everyone has the right to be heard and good mental , spiritual and physical well- being of all-children and staff is the key.

Sandal Castle VA Community Primary School Vision Statement

Sandal Castle VA Community Primary School Vision Statement with Biblical references

Premier Wellbeing Stars

As part of the Premier League Wellbeing Stars Challenge ,Thomas decided to paint a stone and write a message on the back. He then went to Sandal Castle where he left it to cheer people up.

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Our links with Asda

In Year 6, we have been creating beautiful Easter cards to send to ASDA, who will then send these out to the community. We spoke a lot about how Covid has affected us all and how it has affected people in our community, and felt strongly about wanting to do something to make others happy. We enjoyed making these and we hope it will put a smile on others’ faces!

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Premier League Wellbeing Stars Challenge

This week, 5RW have been learning about the Premier League Wellbeing Stars Challenge. The challenge encourages children to participate in social action and aims to improve the emotional wellbeing of their local community by carrying out kind and compassionate acts. Pupils have already started this in school and some are looking to over the Easter break (and beyond!).Thomas in 5RW has already had a fantastic start to his social action challenge. He used his own money to buy a selection of food and donated it all to the food bank. A shining example of kindness and compassion.

I will be submitting their entries w/c 12th April and there are some fantastic prizes to be won, including calendars, books and even a visit to school from the Premier League trophy! Watch this space...

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Supporting CAP

We filled shoeboxes with food, blankets and toiletries and delivered them to CAP in Wakefield to support the important work they do there with the homeless of Wakefield. They wrapped the boxes and filled them with treats too

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Christmas Card Appeal

Year 6 have taken part in the Asda Christmas Card Appeal- designing and making cards to be delivered to care homes in Wakefield to ensure everyone receives some Christmas wishes this year.

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Year 6 children are making a patchwork blanket for the Women and Children’s Refuge. Here it is so far...

January 2020

So far this academic year we have continued to develop the sustainability of our courageous advocacy projects in school- this is all evidence towards our bronze accreditation and beyond. Sustainability is a key factor in making a true difference. For example, over a year later, we are still collecting and delivering coats and bedding, and food, to Community Action Project on a weekly basis. Reverse Advent collections once again saw huge collections of food for the Food Bank. Our school newspaper continues to showcase the acts of kindness and social action which take place in daily life at school. New projects inspire us but we are loyal to our causes and believe that maintaining our support for our community and beyond is key. Projects and work in class tackle local and global issues in meaningful ways, triangulated with our Collective Worship themes and discussions. Our children are leaders for change, not just participants.

January 2020

The Archbishop of York Youth Trust on 'Developing Leadership and Character through Social Action

On Thursday 16th January, Miss Harkin attended training delivered by The Archbishop of York Youth Trust on 'Developing Leadership and Character through Social Action.' This explored how, by providing experiences that draw out character from within each child, social action allows children to flourish as individuals (building their team work, confidence, compassion and respect for others), in turn resulting in a flourishing society.

It also reiterated the value of the Young Leaders Award, completed by our Year 3 children, in helping to develop young people who are passionate about the world around them, who are considerate to others and who stand up for the injustices they see in the world. In giving the children a deeper understanding of the issues faced by people in our society and how they can help, we teach our children that they have a voice and can be the change that they want to see in the world.

Inspired by this training, each Year 3 class will complete a different social action community project this year as part of the award, after considering the local, national and international issues most important to them. We are excited to see what our children will choose to tackle and the impact this will have on the wider community!

PDSA Celebration!


Year Six were busy making bags in textiles to sell at the Christmas Fayre. Any we didn’t sell will be filled up with goodies and taken to CAP for the homeless.

Petwise Club

Last week, the members of Petwise Club paid a very special visit to the PDSA Animal Hospital in Leeds. We were taken on a grand tour of the hospital including: the consultation rooms where animals are examined (we were allowed to watch a live consultation with Bella the Bulldog!); the theatre preparation area where animals are sedated and prepared for surgery; the Xray room; the medication room and even behind the main reception. We met some wonderful people, including vets who were getting ready to operate! We met seven Akita puppies who were only 4 weeks old; a stray cat on the search for its owner and a poorly rabbit. The hospital is a working hospital and was incredibly busy! All children demonstrated high levels of respect, maturity and compassion throughout the visit.

Kindness Advent

Here are some pictures of our Kindness Advent- we made cards for the homeless at CAP

Year 3

Here we have Harry opening one of our envelopes and Georgia doing one of the tasks ('read a story to your classmate')

Year Six made book marks as part of the Kindness Advent and have had great fun hiding them in books around school for someone to find.

Book Club and Social Action

In Book Club this week, we read One Plastic Bag together and then used plastic bags to create our art work after learning about how plastic is destroying the ocean. We worked in one big team and even had some help from Suri in Year 8. The children decided to make the animals most affected by the plastic epidemic out of plastic to add to their giant wave. Isabelle brought her homemade eco brick in to show us and we have all been set the task to make our own, inspired by the book and by Isabelle's efforts. Mr Rangy from Collective Worship joined us as he is very interested in protecting the planet for his and other species. Watch this space for our plastic adventures!

PDSA Petwise Event

Today the children of Petwise Club received a very special visit from a PDSA Veterinary Nurse! Firstly, a presentation was carried out which focused on the needs of different pets - the children were incredibly impressive with their in-depth knowledge, compassion and understanding. All children ere presented with a sticker and puzzle book, and we also received a number of PDSA magazines for our club. At the end of the session, pupils were given the opportunity to apply bandages to Barney - the nurse's toy pooch!

Supporting CAP - Christmas Hampers

Supporting CAP is central to our recognition and leadership of social action within our own community and is a central strand to our courageous advocacy cycle of work. This year, we will continue to support CAP at Christmas by collecting specific items. Each of our 21 classes will be asked to bring a specific item.

If you would like to support this fantastic cause we are collecting the following items;

1. A packet of biscuits

2. Family size bag of crisps

3. A selection box or chocolate bar

4. Tin of carrots

5. Tin of peas

6. Stuffing mix

7. Gravy granules

8. Pasta

9. Rice

10. Savoury biscuits

11. Tinned or packet soup

12. Tinned fish

13. Tinned meat

13. Tea bags

14. Tinned fruit

15. Jar of jam or marmalade

16. Pasta sauce (jar or packet)

17. Christmas pudding

18. Mince pies

19. Bread sticks

20. Coffee/coffee sachets

21. Cereal bars


Thank you to our children, families and staff who have yet again surpassed all expectation in their commitment to supporting the food bank at St Catherine's Church. Every year we support this fantastic cause as part of our Harvest celebrations. 8 crates and a large number of bags of food have been delivered and welcomed by the staff at the food bank.


The aim of the programme is to help the nation get PetWise so we can ensure people have the knowledge required to be responsible pet owners and by teaching children (our future pet owners) these messages early on, hopefully in the future we’ll have a nation of happy and healthy pets.

There are 3 levels:


  • Get PetWise - This session provides an overview of what pets need to be healthy and happy. Based on the care of cats, dogs and rabbits, it teaches the audience how to be responsible pet owners. The follow up activities from this cover topics such as: animals in need of shelter, preventive health care, wants vs. needs, responsible pet ownership and how to stay happy and healthy.
  • In the Pet Hospital - This session brings the Pet Hospital to the audience. You’ll be taken on a journey through the hospital, following Cyril, one of our special patients, through his treatment programme. The follow up activities for this session include: fun games to learn more about careers with animals, diary of a poorly pooch, foreign body x-rays, role play and the importance of keeping harmful objects out of a dog’s reach.


  • Canine Communication - This session identifies how to recognise what dogs are telling us through their body language and how to stay safe around dogs. The follow up activities from this cover topic such as: feelings and the history of domestication.
  • Animal Heroes - This session looks at the brave and heroic acts of animals from war time to today, PDSA’s medal programme and its animal recipients. This session also shares the amazing stories of everyday pets in society. The follow up activities for this session reinforce the learning from the session and encourages pupils to think about brave animals in their local communities.
  • Get Set for the Right Pet - This session covers the costs associated with owning popular pets with a Maths focus for audiences of appropriate ages and encourages the audience to make an informed decision when choosing a pet. The follow up activities for this session include: a tally chart to find out how many pupils own pets and which pets are most popular in your school; case studies where the pupils have to decide which pets are most suited to certain families; and finding out the initial costs of getting a pet, where to buy them from and which animals make the best pets.


  • Animal-based careers - This session identifies some of the different careers that involve working with animals. The follow up activities from this cover the topic of careers.
  • Stereotypes - This session encourages pupils to question their prejudices about both people and animals and addresses the way the media portrays certain breeds such as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The follow up activities for this session include: a persuasive newspaper article, research tasks and debates about the Dangerous Dog Legislation and matching activities to address prejudice.

We are looking forward to working towards achieving GOLD!

Global Climate Strike

Last Week, Year 5 held a peaceful protest at school in response to the Global Climate Strike which took part in over 180 countries around the world from 20th – 27th September. This is an area that many of our children feel passionate about and they truly showcased their drive and ambition for a greener world during their demonstration. Inspiration was taken from Greta Thunberg’s most recent speech where she challenged world leaders about their actions towards reducing global warming at the age of just 16, proving that no matter how young you are, you can still have a powerful impact on change. Our wonderful pupils made placards and signs with quotes, slogans and powerful images, as well as short speeches and chants in readiness for their voices to be heard. The protest took place on the school fields and allowed the children to experience not only what it feels like to demonstrate peacefully, but also to see the reactions of others - which was extremely positive! By taking part in the Global Climate Strike, children were able to develop their SMSC understanding as well as fundamental British Values such as Individual Liberty and Democracy.

Christian Aid's Global Neighbours Accreditation

Sandal Castle are working towards their Bronze Accreditation of Christian Aid’s Global Neighbour’s Scheme as an acknowledgement and continuation of our children’s existing and wonderful work as leaders for change against social and global injustices. This accreditation will support and recognise the important work we already do as a school in courageous advocacy. We believe one of our fundamental purposes is to support our children in working towards a more just and joyful world for which Christian Aid also works, ‘in the light of the faith we hold’ and this a concept and ‘a world that our children seem so ready to embrace’.

We agree with Christian Aid that ‘schools provide a much-needed safe space in which children can begin to make sense of the world they are encountering’ and that social global citizenship and courageous advocacy:

  • broadens the horizons of the mind
  • provides real-life contexts for learning and opportunities for pupils to explore topical issues
  • cultivates the essential skills and values (from empathy to self-awareness and respect for all people) that prepare pupils for living well with their fellow human beings
  • contributes to improved outcomes across the curriculum and in pupils’ personal development, through enhanced skills in critical and creative thinking, reasoning and communication.

We will be working towards our Bronze accreditation because ‘Christian Aid’s Global Neighbours accreditation scheme is first and foremost about children: their needs and aspirations, their character, and their hopes for the world in which they are growing up.’

Through our work already we believe that ‘Courageous Advocacy and Global Citizenship both convey an approach to education that embodies an ethos of action-taking, challenging injustice and becoming agents of change in the transformation of ourselves, our relationships and our communities from the local level to the global.’

We all believe in the important work we do promoting social action as a key fundamental value of our school as it ‘draws on Christian perspectives that contribute to the development of pupils (and staff) as ‘dreamers’, able to employ new energies to change our society, grounded in honesty, hope and love’. Watch this space!

Choir in the Community - 16th July 2019

Our school choir sang beautifully at The Spring for our local community. Some of our residents from our Sandal Mews project came to enjoy the music.

Girl Up Club - July 2019

Our Year 6 Girl Up Club collected unwanted handbags and filled them with essential toiletries to be distributed to the homeless women of Wakefield. The children felt really strongly about doing something to protect the dignity and confidence of these vulnerable women and will be taking them to CAP next week.

Sandal Hall Mews - 21.6.19

Here are the photos from this week at Sandal Mews. After Jessica’s Reading last time, Betty prepared a poem to read to the children about the respect between generations. It gave us all goosebumps. Then the children read to their friend and played a game of Beetle Drive, shared a bun and a cuppa before being given a thank you card and a bar of chocolate.

Year 2 Litter Pick June 19

In Science, Year 2 are making frog habitats. When we were out collecting different materials for this we noticed that there was litter dotted around so we decided to do a litter pick. Everyone picked at least 5 pieces of rubbish. The children absolutely loved this because they knew that it would have a positive impact on the environment.



Island by Nicky Singer

Year 6 have been studying Island by Nicky Singer- a relevant and inspiring text which seeks to raise awareness about Global Warming. In response, the children wrote excellent information texts about the plight of the polar bears because of human-caused global warming. Their writing is mature, persuasive and pertinent- our children are advocates for change and are following in the footsteps of Greta Thungberg, the 16 year old Swedish teenager taking the world by storm by her climate change protests.

Leaders of Change

Here is the clip of the Greta Thunberg Ted Talk- Year 6 are using this to write newspaper reports about her important work on fighting climate change. She is a marvellous role model for our children who are following in her footsteps to be leaders of change themselves.

Partnership with Sandal Mews - 5th June 2019

Year 6 children performed poetry, read aloud and played bingo with the residents of Sandal Mews today before sharing a bun and a drink.

The Real Junk Food Project - Kindness into Schools

Deliveries weekly as of September 2019

Since inception in 2013, The Real Junk Food Project has prevented over 5,000 tons of food from becoming waste – the equivalent of 11.9 million meals.

Schools have played a big part in contributing to this, and from September 2019,Kindness into Schools at Sandal Castle Primary will be launched

It’s about spreading Kindness: to each other, to our planet and to ourselves as we value the food we eat and where it comes from.

Each week, 40kg of surplus food will be delivered to school, the equivalent of 4 x crates of food. This food can be used for any purpose eg a market stall. The deliveries will include fresh fruit and vegetables, cooking supplies, bakery goods, snacks, ambient goods etc.

This partnership would mean that our school would save 1.56 TONNES of perfectly nutritious edible food from being wasted in one single school year!

Duckling Rescue - 5th June 2019

At 1520hrs today 5 ducklings were rescued from the Year 3 Garden Nursery Area when they had crossed the 4 lanes of the A61 and entered school grounds. Mrs Denton and Mr Dore lifted each duckling (pictured) in turn over the stone wall and onto the soft grass compost heap in the neighbours garden.

Their Mum was waiting for them and gathered them up, gave audibly stricter instructions to stay close, before nonchalantly waddling off. "Yippee! Mission accomplished" said the relieved Mrs Denton. "Quackers" said Mr Dore, giving targeted feedback he thought the young feathered explorers could understand.

Compassionate Club - May 19

Over the past few weeks, Compassionate Club have been raising money for the Blue Cross animal charity. They completed a combined run of 31 miles - over the distance to our nearest shelter in Sheffield - and raised a tremendous £340 in total. Thank you to everyone for your help and support and a huge well done to the children for their efforts!

Compassionate Club - May 19

We are delighted that our Compassionate Club have been recognise and awarded ; Highly Commended' in their recent Compassionate Class submission.The award recognises their outstanding work and knowledge of animal welfare,

Responses to the Sandal Express

Before Golden Time, 3RW had a vote on the article they would like to discuss this month. They chose the 'How to look after your pets' article on p.10.

Here are their responses:

Josh: I liked the article but there should be a bit more information on pets. But it is helpful!

Tyler: I like it because it shows that we're looking after the animals.

Lily: I want to see more pictures of animals!

Eliot: The cat picture is a bit creepy because they eyes look like they're starting straight at you.

Jack: I love the dog because it's so cute and just so beautiful. I just want to hold the cat so much too! I love animals.

Kristian: The dog is really cool because it is chubby.

Lexa: I think the article should have more information on other animals next time because they are pets too. They need looking after just as much as dogs and cats. It's good to see this in the newspaper!

Nataniel: I like the cat. My dad has one. I love cats.

Mrs Wadsworth: I loved the article and it is fab to see more children taking responsibility for the welfare of our beloved pets. I'd really like a section where children can bring/ send in images of their pets. Maybe we could call it 'Pet's Corner' or 'Pet of the Month'. When I suggested this idea to my class they were very excited.

Green Ambassadors

In Golden Time today, we took our role as Green Ambassadors very seriously. After watching some of Climate Change- The Facts, we explored our opinions and responses to the global problem. We can't understand why more people aren't as outraged as we are. We used Oliver Jeffers' Earth Day project to inspire us where we imagined that all of the beautiful things in our natural world had disappeared or had lost their colour and joy by decorating a black and white picture of our school with some of the things we love in our natural world and that we don't want to lose.


Our children love to be journalists and write for our very own newspaper, the Sandal Express. The Sandal Express features strongly within our reading curriculum, themes are used in collective worship ensuring that worship is lead by our children and it is also available for community reading within the Spring Cafe, Portobello Community Centre and at Sandal Mews.

Sandal Express Edition 1

Sandal Express Edition 2

Sandal Express Edition 3

Sandal Express Edition 4

Easter at the Spring Cafe - April 2019

Some of our wonderful Year 6 children walked down to the Spring Café this morning to make Easter cards for the residents at Sandal Mews. The customers and volunteers at the café loved welcoming the children and our children interacted with warmth and kindness to all who spoke to them. They then delivered their cards to the vicarage to be distributed to our elderly friends at Sandal Mews.

Compassionate Class of 2019 - March 2019

Will we be successful in being the RSPCA's Compassionate Class of the year 2019? Here is our entry.

Partnership with Sandal Mews - March 2019

Year 6 children spent a wonderful hour today with residents of Sandal Mews as part of our on going project- working with the elderly and vulnerable members of our community to create friendships, mutual respect and combat loneliness. The children asked the residents questions about their childhoods and answered questions about their own, finding out about each other over a cuppa and cake. Our children showed warmth, kindness and generosity towards the wonderful residents of Sandal Mews and enjoyed making new friends from a different generation.

Compassionate Club - All Saints Partnership Peer Challenge 7th March 2019

Social Action Pupil Voice: Compassionate Club

Compassionate Club aims to develop knowledge and understanding of animal welfare whilst deepening levels of empathy and compassion towards all living things. Enabling children to have a voice and become advocates for change in their world our key principle.

Things we’ve done:

  • Learnt about what compassion means
  • Explored different animal charities and why they exist
  • Studied a number of topics including: wild animals, animals in captivity, animal testing, animals used in entertainment, working animals, animal heroes, pets, pollution, human responsibility
  • Taken out ideas and knowledge back to the classroom, making links to plastic pollution and social action
  • Fundraised for local RSPCA centre at school fayre
  • Collected clothing/ bric-a-brac for local RSPCA centre
  • Visited local RSPCA centre to explore the area, meet the animals (and some staff!) and understand the different job roles
  • Held in-school visit from Dogs Trust to learn about responsible dog ownership and made a donation from school
  • Begun our project for the RSPCA’s Compassionate Class of 2019 competition where we will be expressing a poignant message through art
  • Next Tuesday the Blue Cross are visiting our school along with their education dog (a German Shepherd) to talk about their charity, what they do, why they do it and how to be safe around dogs
  • Entering our project for the RSPCA competition at the end of the month (fingers crossed!)
  • We will be exploring books for school which explain animal equality and rights and how these may fit into our equality and diversity library
  • Liaising with the RSPCA with regards to their Easter Fayre to see how we can help

Future plans:

  • Next Tuesday the Blue Cross are visiting our school along with their education dog (a German Shepherd) to talk about their charity, what they do, why they do it and how to be safe around dogs
  • Entering our project for the RSPCA competition at the end of the month (fingers crossed!)
  • We will be exploring books for school which explain animal equality and rights and how these may fit into our equality and diversity library
  • Liaising with the RSPCA with regards to their Easter Fayre to see how we can help

Sandal Meal Makers - 5th March 2019

Today, the Year 5 and 6 Choir sang songs to an audience of all ages at The Spring Cafe. All money collected after the sale of pancakes at the Cafe was donated to help fight poverty in the community and as part of our Sandal Meal Makers Project where we are using music, reading, art and games to reach out to our community, we serenaded the diners!

Compassionate Club - February 2019

The theme of the After School Club session was Responsible Dog Ownership. In this session, Melanie taught the children about the needs of a dog and how this varies between breeds. A secret bag of 'dog needs' was then placed in the shared area. Children were picked at random to go and choose an item, look at it, and then come and mime the action to the rest of the class to see if they could guess what it was. Some were harder than others! To end the session Melanie asked the group to give advice to someone wanting to buy a puppy. I was genuinely blown away with their understanding, empathy, compassion, maturity...the list could go on. The children who attend this club are amazing.

Sandal Express - February 2019

Year 6 children enjoyed this edition of the school newspaper- Lewis settled himself in for a good read!


Yesterday, the children of Compassionate Club visited The RSPCA Leeds, Wakefield and District Branch in East Ardsley. Children were welcomed with a presentation from the Education Officer which included: roles of staff at the centre; animal rescue and rehoming stories and animal welfare information. The group then split in two: one heading to the cattery and the other to the rehabilitation and training arena to meet the dogs, before swapping over. Finally, the children regrouped back in the meeting room where they were given stickers and RSPCA magazines to enjoy along with biscuits and juice. Both Mrs Waddington and Mrs Wadsworth were incredibly proud of the children and will definitely be visiting again!

World Book Day 2019 in collaboration with the Wakefield Hospice

To celebrate World Book Day we are collaborating with the Wakefield Hospice who are, in addition to the WBD voucher allocated from school, giving a voucher for a free book from their Ossett or George Street (Wakefield) shops.This focuses in a simple way on the ethical and environmental benefits of supporting others via charity shops.

WBD/Hospice 1

WBD/Hospice 2


This week we were able to take clothing and 2 fantastic tents to CAP.

Banners for Change

Year 6 have been busy designing and sewing our KS2 Banners for Change. These banners represent key words which showcase our approach to the work we do support our local and wider community. Watch out for the finished products! The words are: Generosity, Empathy, Commitment and Determination.

Sandal Express - Issue 2

Our year 3 and year 6 journalists have been busy over the last two days drafting and writing articles for this month’s newspaper. We look forward to reading their work in January’s issue.

Thank you from the RSPCA

Here is a group photo of our children who attend Compassionate Club. They had just been awarded their certificates from the RSPCA in celebration of all the money they raised at the Christmas Fayre. Keep up the great work!

Choir in the Community

Today, 19th December, our choir performed a carol concert at Ash Grove Care Home in Sandal. The children chose to sing here because of how uplifting music is for anyone in need of some love and attention. Our children enjoyed meeting the residents and were very lucky to receive some chocolates in return!

Sandal Express

Welcome to our school newspaper- Sandal Express. This paper is written and organised by a team of journalists who work with staff and children from across school to produce a monthly issue. The articles range from school news, issues affecting our local community or wider, stories etc. We have children writing about music, sport, religion and many more important hot topics of discussion. This paper is circulated in school and used in a variety of ways.

Welcome to our first issue!

Sandal Express Edition 1


Our final hamper and coat donations of 2018.


We were very lucky to receive 6 of these wonderful hampers to donate to CAP. We will be taking them on Monday 17th December along with our next load of coats to support the people who need them in our local community. Thank you Engie for your support!

RSPCA response to our fund raising efforts

Hi Rachel,
You raised £112.66 altogether which is brilliant! Thank you so much. I am going to get the certificates ready, do you want me to post them out to you or will you be coming to the centre for the off lead at all?
Would you be happy for me to add a post on Facebook to say thank you also?
Thanks so much again and I love the newsletter!
Kind regards,
Sally Balmforth
Branch Fundraiser

December 18

Normally Mrs Waddington is grumpy if the reading area is messy but today she is delighted because it is full of donations of coats, sleeping bags and warm clothing for the homeless and vulnerable people of Wakefield. Thank you to everyone for such generous donations, keep them coming!

Inaaya spent her Sunday baking these delightful reindeer buns to take to CAP today to distribute to the adults using the centre to stay out of the cold. Thank you Inaaya and her family of bakers!

10th December

After making cards in Golden Time, 6FW filled left over stockings from the Christmas Fayre (made by Year 6 children) with chocolate to take to CAP to distribute as Christmas gift bags to the homeless

7th December

Year 6 were busy making Christmas cards to take to the Community Awareness Programme shelter on Monday to distribute to the vulnerable and homeless adults who access support there!

Year 3 - 6th December

Here are a few photographs of our compassionate club memebers hosting their RSPCA stall at the Christmas Fayre on Thursday 6th December.

WWF Polar Bears - November 18

Over the past two-weeks, year three have continued to complete work based around their class novel: The Rainbow Bear by Michael Morpurgo. In this unit of work, children were given the task of creating a free-verse poem about Polar bears, the Arctic and Climate Change. Their work was entered into a nationwide competition led by First News and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), with the chance to win tickets to see the Dr Dolittle the musical and meet the cast! Finally, as a reward for their fantastic poetry, 3RW have adopted a Polar bear for their class.

In year 6, the recycled Polar Bears are beginning to take shape in Year 6 as part of our work for the WWF in Golden Time.

Ecobrick Project

These wonderful Year 5 girls have joined the Year 6 Social Action Club and are independently organising a mission to collect plastic bottle tops to recycle as as part of an Ecobrick project. They want to raise awareness about the devastating effect plastic is having on our planet to protect our world for the future. Watch this space!

Some of our wonderful Year 5 children are using their lunch times to make eco bricks which are plastic bottles filled with plastic- they are used for constructions around the world- more to come on this!

Community Awareness Programme (CAP)

Year 6 are making their first coat drop today. Thanks to our wonderful community of children, families and staff, Mrs Waddington's car is already full of coats to donate to CAP (Community Awareness Programme) in Wakefield this afternoon and there are many more to be loaded before we set off! As the temperatures drop, the homeless people of Wakefield need as much comfort and warmth as we can offer them- vital for their survival. CAP work with more than 75 people daily and will distribute the coats where needed. As always, we are proud of the generosity and care our school community shows.

We will be making a trip as often as is needed to offer our support.

Watch this space!

CAP Coats

December 2018 - Three children from Year 6 took another load of much needed coats to CAP yesterday- the children were kind and compassionate and the people at the centre were very grateful. Thank you for your support in this so far- keep the coats coming!

Golden Time - Courageous Advocacy

For the next three weeks, 6FW’s Golden Time Enrichment is Politics. They will be responding to the World Wildlife Foundation’s report for young people. Here is a snippet:

We already know that climate change threatens one in six species with extinction, that plastics could outnumber fish in the sea by 2050, and that an area of forest the same size as a football pitch is lost every two seconds. But WWF’s latest Living Planet Report tells us that wildlife populations globally have declined by 60% in less than 50 years.

These are shocking facts, but there is hope: we can reverse the damage and protect our planet for the future if we act now.

As part of our work on this, they will be recycling plastic to make models of endangered animals with a view to adopting an animal at the end of our sessions.

If you have any plastic needing recycling, please send it in with your child so we can make some fantastic models!

As part of our commitment to courageous advocacy, we have started our journey towards becoming Green Ambassadors for the WWF. We are learning about how Orangutans are rapidly becoming an endangered species- if we don’t act now, they could become extinct in the next ten years. Our learning journey began on the very day the Iceland Christmas advert depicting Rang - tan became banned.

Iceland had struck a deal with Greenpeace to rebadge an animated short film featuring an orangutan and the destruction of its rainforest habitat at the hands of palm oil growers.

Earlier this year, Iceland became the first major UK supermarket to pledge to remove palm oil from all its own-brand foods. Habitat loss in countries such as Malaysia – a major global producer of palm oil – has contributed to the orangutan now being classified as critically endangered.

In response to their outrage at the suffering of Orangutans and Polar Bears due to global warming and deforestation, 6FW have collected recycling and have begun making models of these endangered species to enter a competition with the WWF. Watch our progress here, they are beginning to take shape!

The children in 6FW have finished making and displaying their Orangutans using recycled card and bottles as part of their social action and politics Golden Time. The orangutans are up to all sorts of mischief in the classroom reminding us to raise awarenesss about protecting their home and species.

Love and Banana's

On the 7th November, Mrs Wadsworth travelled to Manchester to support her friend and his team from The Elephant Nature Park in Thailand for the screening of their documentary 'Love and Bananas'. The documentary has been made to highlight the heart-breaking plight of elephants through the horrific tourism trade, logging and poaching. Her friend gave up his life in England to live in Asia and fight for their rescue and rehabilitation, and to drive education around the compassion and care elephants desperately need and deserve. They are currently touring a number of countries around the world in order to save these beautiful creatures, who are critically endangered.

We promised that we would help her to highlight her amazing work and, as she said, 'be her voice'. So, if you could spare a few minutes of your time, please visit the website and watch the movie trailer. Visit The Elephant Sanctuary's website via the link below so you can see the amazing work they do.

Reverse Advent

At the start of our Reverse Advent project- join us to track our progress throughout the month. Children across school are donating essential items which will be collected at the end of the month by St Helen’s to give to people in need. As our collection of donations grow, we will post pictures to show our progress. See the letter attached for advice on donations! All support is appreciated!

Reverse Advent

Tymon and Musa loaded up all of the food products we have collected as a school to donate to St Helen’s Hamper. Thank you everyone!

Curriculum Faculties 2018-19

During Autumn 1 2018 , our Pupil Voice has focussed on gaining information from our curriculum faculties on the new aspects of our English curriculum; Active English, Spellodrome, PE and our increased focus on swimming, Maths; Maths of the Day, Active Maths and Golden Time; our completely revised programme of opportunities on offer. Take a look at the views of our children and the actions we will take aligned to their opinions.

We have taken on board suggestions from our faculty members as to how their views, responses and ideas should be presented. The Foundation Subject template is a new format we are trialling.

Foundation Subjects 29.11.18

Maths 13.11.18

Golden Time 26.10.18

PE and the Arts 19.10.18

Maths 12.10.18

English 5.10.18

July 2018

A few comments from children as they leave our lovely school to enjoy their Summer holiday. Some of them have new paths to take as they transfer to High School whilst others will join us in September to begin their time in new year groups.

'' Thank you for helping us grow'' Charlotte and Theo (year 1)

'' Thank you for looking out for me and letting me enjoy years of fun'' Cody (year 6)

''Thank you for looking after me and everyone else in the schol'' Lily (year 6)

'' I am thankful for every minute with this school and you'' Amaani (year 6)

'' Thanks for everything you have done for me and making me believe in myself'' Oliver (year 6)

''Thank you for an amazing 7 years at the best school in the world. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of swim squad, netball, benchball and chess. Thank you for the chances you have given me'' Megan (year 6)

June 2018

It is with with great sadness that as a school we had to hear the devastating news that our much loved friend and colleague Sylvia (Mrs Pursglove), had passed away suddenly on the 12th April.This was a huge shock to everyone. Sylvia was a much loved and very well respected colleague and a great friend to many. She is greatly missed, both personally and professionally by children, staff, parents and governors.

Mick and Sylvia have been an important and integral part of our Sandal school community for over 25 years. Within that time they have supported every aspect of school life. Our school has always been an extension of their home, and their commitment and dedication to our children; caring so deeply and making such a positive impact on all who have had the pleasure of working with them, is recognised by all.

Sylvia’s kindness, compassion, empathy, enthusiasm for learning, sense of humour and fun, underpinned by an unwavering support and nurturing for all, has touched the lives of every child past and present at Sandal Endowed/Sandal Castle. We all feel extremely privileged to have had the experience of knowing such a fantastic individual.

As a mark of remembrance, the children designed a memorial garden for children at school, Mick and his family to spend quiet, reflective time. The garden is nearing completion and it looks just as the children wanted. The Little Library painted blue with forget me nots, blue hydrangea, solar lighting and blue pots of flowers will provide the finishing touches ready for our official opening in July when our children will sing some of Sylvia's favourite songs - 'Power in Me' and maybe one or two from Ed Sheeran! and we will release blue balloons with messages and our memories of Sylvia.

Summer 2

We asked our children their thoughts and opinions on our curriculum. Here is what they have said...

“I love learning French because it is useful to know another language.” Ibrahiem

“ I enjoy being a Reading Buddy because I get pride in saying that my buddy has moved up a book band and the books take me back to when I used to read them.” Thomas.

“I enjoyed food tasting the most on French Theme Day.” Thomas

“I love Geography because you get to learn about traditions from all around the world.” James

“I really love Forest School because you get to spend time in the great outdoors.” James

“ I like Geography because you get to learn about new places around the world that you didn’t know about before.” Desart.

“I like English because I like to write and use all of my skills and improve day by day. I like to make my own stories up based on a picture or our topic.” Diana.

“I know that I am a good reader because I have moved to Free Reader books and I am a Reading Buddy.” Diana.

“I like French because I enjoy trying their traditions.” Isabella

“I like helping my Reading Buddy learn from their mistakes.” Isabella

“My favourite is PE because it gives me a chance to exercise. I enjoyed using the apparatus a lot.” Joel

“I like My Book Blog because it gives me an urge to read.” Jake

“I like Science because we learn how things happen.” Jake

“I love continuous Maths because when we fill jugs every day, it helps me understand measurements. “ D’Vante

“I love My Book Blog because I can read a book and have even more fun afterwards.” D’Vante

“I like Drama because it helps me improve my confidence.” Timmy

Summer 2 Pupil Voice gives us an opportunity to evaluate if our actions are having/have had an impact on learning and outcomes.

Reading - 8.6.18

Reading Pupil Voice

Summer 1 Pupil voice will give us the opportunity to find out the thoughts, views and opinions of our children on the following areas of the curriculum;

Outdoor Learning - 27.4.18

Outdoor Learning Pupil Voice

After School Club Provision - 11.5.18

After School Club Pupil Voice

Age Related Expectation in Reading - What is it? How do you know? - 18.5.18

ARE in Reading - How do you know?

During this half term; Spring 2, our children will be discussing the following subjects. Outcomes will feature in the Pupil School Improvement Plans;

RE - 27.2.18

RE Pupil Voice

History/Geography - 6.3.18

History/Geography Pupil Voice

Maths - 15.3.18

Maths Pupil Voice

DT - 20.3.18

D.T Pupil Voice

MFL - 28.3.18

MFL Pupil Voice

This half term - Spring 1 2018, our children will be giving their opinions on a range of subjects. Take a look at our Pupil School Improvement Plans based upon pupil voice outcomes;

Science - 12.1.18

Science Pupil Voice

Reading - 15.1.18

Reading Pupil Voice

What does Challenge mean? 22.1.18

What does challenge mean?

Arts - 9.2.18

Arts Pupil Voice

Equality Duty - 12.2.18

Equality and Diversity Pupil Voice

Our child led improvement plans link to the outcomes of our discussions.

Draft 1 GDPR Pupils