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Pupil Voice

Here at Sandal Castle VA Community Primary School we believe that children should be at the heart of everything we do. As a result, we strive to ensure our children are active stakeholders in the decision making processes` within school. By encouraging pupils to participate in decision making in a real and tangible way, we hope children will feel an improved sense of self-esteem and motivation, and gain vital personal, social and organisational skills as well as enhancing their knowledge of concepts such as democracy which will help prepare them for life in modern Britain.

We believe that when pupils and adults work together as partners it helps improve relationships, makes our policies and practices more relevant and pertinent and ultimately helps to create a learning environment where everybody feels valued and has a sense of belonging. When this happens it creates a learning environment which enables all stakeholders to be the best they can be.

Summer 1 Pupil voice will give us the opportunity to find out the thoughts, views and opinions of our children on the following areas of the curriculum;

Outdoor Learning - 27.4.18

Outdoor Learning Pupil Voice

After School Club Provision - 11.5.18

After School Club Pupil Voice

Age Related Expectation in Reading - What is it? How do you know? - 18.5.18

ARE in Reading - How do you know?

During this half term; Spring 2, our children will be discussing the following subjects. Outcomes will feature in the Pupil School Improvement Plans;

RE - 27.2.18

RE Pupil Voice

History/Geography - 6.3.18

History/Geography Pupil Voice

Maths - 15.3.18

Maths Pupil Voice

DT - 20.3.18

D.T Pupil Voice

MFL - 28.3.18

MFL Pupil Voice

This half term - Spring 1 2018, our children will be giving their opinions on a range of subjects. Take a look at our Pupil School Improvement Plans based upon pupil voice outcomes;

Science - 12.1.18

Science Pupil Voice

Reading - 15.1.18

Reading Pupil Voice

What does Challenge mean? 22.1.18

What does challenge mean?

Arts - 9.2.18

Arts Pupil Voice

Equality Duty - 12.2.18

Equality and Diversity Pupil Voice

Our child led improvement plans link to the outcomes of our discussions.

Draft 1 GDPR Pupils