Odd Sock Day for the Launch of Anti Bullying Week Monday 12th November
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Pupil Voice

Here at Sandal Castle VA Community Primary School we believe that children should be at the heart of everything we do. As a result, we strive to ensure our children are active stakeholders in the decision making processes` within school. By encouraging pupils to participate in decision making in a real and tangible way, we hope children will feel an improved sense of self-esteem and motivation, and gain vital personal, social and organisational skills as well as enhancing their knowledge of concepts such as democracy which will help prepare them for life in modern Britain.

We believe that when pupils and adults work together as partners it helps improve relationships, makes our policies and practices more relevant and pertinent and ultimately helps to create a learning environment where everybody feels valued and has a sense of belonging. When this happens it creates a learning environment which enables all stakeholders to be the best they can be.

Our School Vision Statement

Our school vision is clear, pertinent, relevant and at the core of all we undertake as a school.If we believe that our main concern is to ensure that our children flourish, make progress and achieve their potential in the widest sense, then all aspects of teaching and learning that are planned, and the climate within the school, are leading towards that vision.The values and philosophy we promote, underpin the management of the school, the curriculum, the ethos and the way we work together as a corporate unit. We aim to be a health promoting school, where everyone has the right to be heard and good mental , spiritual and physical well- being of all-children and staff is the key.

Sandal Castle VA Community Primary School Vision Statement

Our children are currently working towards a concise version of our vision to display within our school to enable children and staff to use it as a reference point for every aspect of learning and teaching. This will be undertaken during Autumn 2. We are looking forward to hearing the views of our children.

Golden Time - Courageous Advocacy

For the next three weeks, 6FW’s Golden Time Enrichment is Politics. They will be responding to the World Wildlife Foundation’s report for young people. Here is a snippet:

We already know that climate change threatens one in six species with extinction, that plastics could outnumber fish in the sea by 2050, and that an area of forest the same size as a football pitch is lost every two seconds. But WWF’s latest Living Planet Report tells us that wildlife populations globally have declined by 60% in less than 50 years.

These are shocking facts, but there is hope: we can reverse the damage and protect our planet for the future if we act now.

As part of our work on this, they will be recycling plastic to make models of endangered animals with a view to adopting an animal at the end of our sessions.

If you have any plastic needing recycling, please send it in with your child so we can make some fantastic models!

As part of our commitment to courageous advocacy, we have started our journey towards becoming Green Ambassadors for the WWF. We are learning about how Orangutans are rapidly becoming an endangered species- if we don’t act now, they could become extinct in the next ten years. Our learning journey began on the very day the Iceland Christmas advert depicting Rang - tan became banned.

Iceland had struck a deal with Greenpeace to rebadge an animated short film featuring an orangutan and the destruction of its rainforest habitat at the hands of palm oil growers.

Earlier this year, Iceland became the first major UK supermarket to pledge to remove palm oil from all its own-brand foods. Habitat loss in countries such as Malaysia – a major global producer of palm oil – has contributed to the orangutan now being classified as critically endangered.

Love and Banana's

On the 7th November, Mrs Wadsworth travelled to Manchester to support her friend and his team from The Elephant Nature Park in Thailand for the screening of their documentary 'Love and Bananas'. The documentary has been made to highlight the heart-breaking plight of elephants through the horrific tourism trade, logging and poaching. Her friend gave up his life in England to live in Asia and fight for their rescue and rehabilitation, and to drive education around the compassion and care elephants desperately need and deserve. They are currently touring a number of countries around the world in order to save these beautiful creatures, who are critically endangered.

We promised that we would help her to highlight her amazing work and, as she said, 'be her voice'. So, if you could spare a few minutes of your time, please visit the website and watch the movie trailer. Visit The Elephant Sanctuary's website via the link below so you can see the amazing work they do.


Reverse Advent

At the start of our Reverse Advent project- join us to track our progress throughout the month. Children across school are donating essential items which will be collected at the end of the month by St Helen’s to give to people in need. As our collection of donations grow, we will post pictures to show our progress. See the letter attached for advice on donations! All support is appreciated!

Reverse Advent

Curriculum Faculties 2018-19

During Autumn 1 2018 , our Pupil Voice has focussed on gaining information from our curriculum faculties on the new aspects of our English curriculum; Active English, Spellodrome, PE and our increased focus on swimming, Maths; Maths of the Day, Active Maths and Golden Time; our completely revised programme of opportunities on offer. Take a look at the views of our children and the actions we will take aligned to their opinions.

Golden Time 26.10.18

PE and the Arts 19.10.18

Maths 12.10.18

English 5.10.18

July 2018

A few comments from children as they leave our lovely school to enjoy their Summer holiday. Some of them have new paths to take as they transfer to High School whilst others will join us in September to begin their time in new year groups.

'' Thank you for helping us grow'' Charlotte and Theo (year 1)

'' Thank you for looking out for me and letting me enjoy years of fun'' Cody (year 6)

''Thank you for looking after me and everyone else in the schol'' Lily (year 6)

'' I am thankful for every minute with this school and you'' Amaani (year 6)

'' Thanks for everything you have done for me and making me believe in myself'' Oliver (year 6)

''Thank you for an amazing 7 years at the best school in the world. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of swim squad, netball, benchball and chess. Thank you for the chances you have given me'' Megan (year 6)

June 2018

It is with with great sadness that as a school we had to hear the devastating news that our much loved friend and colleague Sylvia (Mrs Pursglove), had passed away suddenly on the 12th April.This was a huge shock to everyone. Sylvia was a much loved and very well respected colleague and a great friend to many. She is greatly missed, both personally and professionally by children, staff, parents and governors.

Mick and Sylvia have been an important and integral part of our Sandal school community for over 25 years. Within that time they have supported every aspect of school life. Our school has always been an extension of their home, and their commitment and dedication to our children; caring so deeply and making such a positive impact on all who have had the pleasure of working with them, is recognised by all.

Sylvia’s kindness, compassion, empathy, enthusiasm for learning, sense of humour and fun, underpinned by an unwavering support and nurturing for all, has touched the lives of every child past and present at Sandal Endowed/Sandal Castle. We all feel extremely privileged to have had the experience of knowing such a fantastic individual.

As a mark of remembrance, the children designed a memorial garden for children at school, Mick and his family to spend quiet, reflective time. The garden is nearing completion and it looks just as the children wanted. The Little Library painted blue with forget me nots, blue hydrangea, solar lighting and blue pots of flowers will provide the finishing touches ready for our official opening in July when our children will sing some of Sylvia's favourite songs - 'Power in Me' and maybe one or two from Ed Sheeran! and we will release blue balloons with messages and our memories of Sylvia.

Summer 2

We asked our children their thoughts and opinions on our curriculum. Here is what they have said...

“I love learning French because it is useful to know another language.” Ibrahiem

“ I enjoy being a Reading Buddy because I get pride in saying that my buddy has moved up a book band and the books take me back to when I used to read them.” Thomas.

“I enjoyed food tasting the most on French Theme Day.” Thomas

“I love Geography because you get to learn about traditions from all around the world.” James

“I really love Forest School because you get to spend time in the great outdoors.” James

“ I like Geography because you get to learn about new places around the world that you didn’t know about before.” Desart.

“I like English because I like to write and use all of my skills and improve day by day. I like to make my own stories up based on a picture or our topic.” Diana.

“I know that I am a good reader because I have moved to Free Reader books and I am a Reading Buddy.” Diana.

“I like French because I enjoy trying their traditions.” Isabella

“I like helping my Reading Buddy learn from their mistakes.” Isabella

“My favourite is PE because it gives me a chance to exercise. I enjoyed using the apparatus a lot.” Joel

“I like My Book Blog because it gives me an urge to read.” Jake

“I like Science because we learn how things happen.” Jake

“I love continuous Maths because when we fill jugs every day, it helps me understand measurements. “ D’Vante

“I love My Book Blog because I can read a book and have even more fun afterwards.” D’Vante

“I like Drama because it helps me improve my confidence.” Timmy

Summer 2 Pupil Voice gives us an opportunity to evaluate if our actions are having/have had an impact on learning and outcomes.

Reading - 8.6.18

Reading Pupil Voice

Summer 1 Pupil voice will give us the opportunity to find out the thoughts, views and opinions of our children on the following areas of the curriculum;

Outdoor Learning - 27.4.18

Outdoor Learning Pupil Voice

After School Club Provision - 11.5.18

After School Club Pupil Voice

Age Related Expectation in Reading - What is it? How do you know? - 18.5.18

ARE in Reading - How do you know?

During this half term; Spring 2, our children will be discussing the following subjects. Outcomes will feature in the Pupil School Improvement Plans;

RE - 27.2.18

RE Pupil Voice

History/Geography - 6.3.18

History/Geography Pupil Voice

Maths - 15.3.18

Maths Pupil Voice

DT - 20.3.18

D.T Pupil Voice

MFL - 28.3.18

MFL Pupil Voice

This half term - Spring 1 2018, our children will be giving their opinions on a range of subjects. Take a look at our Pupil School Improvement Plans based upon pupil voice outcomes;

Science - 12.1.18

Science Pupil Voice

Reading - 15.1.18

Reading Pupil Voice

What does Challenge mean? 22.1.18

What does challenge mean?

Arts - 9.2.18

Arts Pupil Voice

Equality Duty - 12.2.18

Equality and Diversity Pupil Voice

Our child led improvement plans link to the outcomes of our discussions.

Draft 1 GDPR Pupils