Good Luck to our Y6 Dance Squad as they perform the opening routine at the Wakefield PE Conference on Monday 22nd January!

Parental Voice

Ofsted Parent Questionnaire Outcomes

Every year we engage with parents/carers on numerous occasions asking their views and opinions on school life. The following outcomes reflect recent questionnaire responses.

In October we used the Ofsted questionnaire to gather opinions;

Ofsted Questionnaire

Preferred method of receiving school information survey

We also asked parents how they would prefer to receive information from school. We offer a range of curriculum events, evenings, drop ins, handouts etc and wanted to ensure that we were maximising the impact of parental support. The following graph evidences parental views;

Preferred method of receiving information

Joint parent/pupil voice - Curriculum

At recent parental consultation evenings we held a joint pupil/parent voice survey asking for views on curriculum breadth and entitlement. We wanted to ascertain if children and parents recognised the wealth of opportunity on offer and to use this information to monitor if children enjoyed the subjects being taught asking them which aspects of the curriculum they enjoyed the most. The following graphs evidence our findings.

Pupil and Parent Views - Curriculum

Which aspects of the curriculum would parents like to find out more about?

We also asked parents/carers which aspects of school life they would like to find out more about? The responses and actions are catalogued below.

Actions and response to parent/carer views

Parental Engagement

Autumn 1 Parent Consultation Attendance

Family Fun Event 3 - Quiz Night

Our 3rd Family Fun event took place on the 16th January. Families took part in quiz rounds; Family Fortunes, Name the Celebrity, Dingbats and name the Disney film from the snippet of music.

In session 1, the best team name went to Ashley and his family with the fantastic team name,' Quizzie Rascals.'

In session 2, the best team name went to Orla and her family with the creative use of surname, 'We're all going on a Summer Halliday!'

The winners of session 1 with 33 points was ' We tried our Best!' - Well done!

The winners of session 2 with 39 points was ' Trinity Infinity!' - yes, a Wakefield supporter!

Another social community event enjoyed by all!

Watch out for our Spring 2 event...

Family Bingo Night

Our second evening of Family Fun was a Bingo Night. Fantastic participation and feedback from our families!

Responses from Parents;

''Brilliant night at the Bingo night.Hats off to the teachers at our brilliant school. Thy put so much time and effort into our kids. Well done to everyone who turned up aswell''

Chris N

'' It really was great. Well thought out. Well done to all ''

Dawn B

'' Was a good night, great to be involved ''

Tina C

'' Was a brilliant night ''

Stacy B

Governor Feedback - Bingo Night

Family Fun Event Feedback

Treasure Hunt

In September 2017, we held our first family fun event of the adacemic year; a treasure hunt around the local area of Sandal. Over 60 families enjoyed the walk and socialising in the school hall for refreshments.

Treasure Hunt - Parent Governor Feedback

The Christmas Tree Light Switch On took place on the 1st December. Hundreds of community members, Sandal Castle children and familiers came along to join in the festive fun, listening to the school choir and to meet Father Christmas.

A great time was had by everyone at the school Christmas Fayre.

Parental Voice impact on School Improvement

Ofsted questionnaires were used in 2016, April and October to ascertain parental views on what our school was doing well and what we needed to improve. The following graphs compare our findings;

Ofsted Questionnaire - April/October 16

Responses to Q4 led us to evaluate how we cascade information to parents/carers.The most recent evaluation of parental questionnaires demonstrate an 11.1% increase in satisfaction in this area increasing from 80% in October 16 to 91.1%.

The second area for development was Q5, effective communication with parents. As a school we aim to comminicate effectively and efficiently. Since April 2016, we have increased parental satisfaction in this area from 88% to 94%. The introduction of the school APP will further impact on our aim to ensure effective and timely communication.