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Swimming Squad

Thursday 29th February vs Silcoates School. 

We won= 112 points versus Silcoates 67 points

We are VERY proud of their achievements! 



Wednesday  3rd June Vs Ackworth 

A fantastic effort by all the children against great opposition in a huge pool!

4 year 3 children on debut swimming for the year 4s and lots of others swimming against the higher year groups testing them out for future competitions. 

All the children held their own, and it was great to see the team spirit of the squad. 


Year 4 - 42-35 -L

Year 5 - 46-39-L

Year 6 - 52-66-W

We are VERY proud of their achievements!


Thursday 13th June vs Silcoates 


Excellent result today. The children were great again and all had a go at diving with some fantastic techniques shown.

12 1st places and 9 second places in 16 events against Silcoates school.

Final score 90-70 to Sandal 💪🏼

We are VERY proud of their achievements!


A huge congratulation to the year 6 on making it 4/4 wins in competitions against schools this year, with the boys narrowly missing out on the national finals freestyle relay by 1.6 seconds.



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