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Our Geography Curriculum

Our Vision: 

At Sandal Castle Primary School, we believe that Geography inspires children and develops a curiosity for the world around them, it creates an interest to explore the world that we live in and its people. We also, believe all children should have the knowledge and understanding of their own town, city and country to then enable this curiosity of the world around them. It is essential that our pupils develop a meaningful understanding of place, in particular our exciting link with the historical Sandal Castle.  Children are provided with opportunities to compare their own lifestyle and environment to others around the world. Within the Geography curriculum we aim to provoke and provide answers to questions about natural and human aspects of the world. It is vital children have and are provided with the knowledge and understanding of diverse places, people, resources, including natural and human environments.  


Here at Sandal Castle, we believe that Geography links well across the curriculum, also Geography is a dynamic subject due to the world and our understanding continually changing. We have therefore created a curriculum that allows progression and builds upon children's key vocabulary. We also have a curriculum that Allows children to build on prior learning about physical and human processes and the formation and use of landscapes and environments. Our children use a range of maps and atlases so that geography map and fieldwork skills are systematically developed. When children leave Sandal Castle, we expect them to have clear understanding and knowledge of a range of different countries, to have considered key concepts such as trade, human impact, and developed geographical mapping skills. They should be able to locate key world countries and features and use a map efficiently. Our clear aim is to provide children with the opportunities they need to be inclusive, respectful and understand their impact on the world. 

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