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Our Behaviour Policy

We are very excited to launch our new behaviour policy from Tuesday 9th April 2024... 


We believe every child at Sandal Castle Primary School has a right to learn, teachers have a right to teach and this will only happen if there is an ethos of positive behaviour. Our pupils should enjoy learning...

By building their confidence, feeding self-worth and their lighting their ambition, they will be well-placed to take advantage of opportunities to become creative and effective learners, prepared for the world of work, active and enterprising citizens, secure in self-knowledge and ready for the changing world we live in, demonstrating good behaviour and self-discipline.

The Governors, Head Teacher and Senior Leadership Team work with all teaching and support staff, to develop and implement behaviour support strategies to promote positive behaviours throughout school, providing excellent continuity of care. By involving all our staff, this ensures a consistent approach throughout, which they can take ownership of and have confidence in our behaviour policy by being a great role model to our pupils.

We have high expectations of our children’s behaviour. We believe that every child can make the right choice about their own behaviour and learn to take responsibility for their own actions.

We believe that good relationships are the key through which to influence, shape and build wellbeing. Young people need nurture and empathetic relationships alongside containment and structure in order to feel safe. We believe that all our children wish to, and have the right to, belong, achieve and contribute to their school community. Over time, secure relationships enable our children to develop the skills to regulate their feelings and behaviour, develop an understanding of social situations, and develop healthy and positive feelings about themselves and their abilities.


Our School Rules: 


Our Year 6 Hoddies of Responsibility: 


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