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Our Art Curriculum

At Sandal Castle VA Community Primary School, we highly value art within our curriculum and understand it impacts on developing and stimulating creativity and imagination. For many children at Sandal Castle art enables them to explore and discover their own thoughts and feelings in a diverse and cultured way, developing children emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and socially. Art enables our children to communicate what they see, feel and think through the use of colour, texture, tone, and patterns using different materials and processes linked to other artists from a variety of backgrounds, extending their cultural awareness and exploring diversity through art. As a school, we take pride in displaying the children’s artwork throughout the school and encourage the children to have responsibility and ownership for what they create.

“Art is not just a subject to learn, but an activity that you can practise with your hands, your eyes, your whole personality.” Quentin Blake, Children’s Laureate.

Sandal Castle VA
Community Primary School

diocese of leeds